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  1. schicks

    RRP pole carbon chin pads

    Got 3 chin pads right now. Mounting hardware included. $155 each, shipped (lower 48 only). Made using infusion process, with gel coat. #1 textreme pattern. SOLD .Has a couple very tiny pin head size air bubbles, they wouldnt show in pics. #2 2x2 twill pattern SOLD #3 2x2 twill...
  2. schicks

    xmetal waterbox

    looking for an xmetal waterbox.
  3. schicks

    SOLD New blowsion rickter sponsons

    New set of blowsion rickter sponsons. Black gel coat. Complete, never mounted, hardware and epoxy included. Blowsion price is $445. Sold
  4. schicks

    cold fusion hull/hood hooks

    looking to buy set of hull and hood hooks. Prefer cold fusion.
  5. schicks

    Salty Dogs

    Thanks Michigan road salt!! I had this pathfinder for 9 years, put 275,000 miles on it with only basic maintenance. Ran great when i took it to the junk yard, but was just too dangerous to drive on the road. Had 380,000 miles on it when i took it to the junk yard after i stripped any parts i...
  6. schicks

    RRP ninja style visual 2x2 carbon & textreme chin pad

    so ive been playing with infusions lately. Here are a couple chin pads that i made as experiments. These are based off the RRP ninja style chin pad. However, cut lines are slightly different and i eliminated the foam cover piece. Also, these are not drilled for mounting, that is up to the...
  7. schicks

    Bunch of sj parts, x2 columns, mounts, exh tube, SN rear rubber rail, fly cover, pro series reeds

    SN ride plate SOLD RN exhaust tube $65 Stock steering plate w/ bushings $25 Clean/complete x2 steering column $50 Parts x2 steering column $20 RN firewall kick plate cover $30 SN rear rubber rail $35 61x flywheel minty $60 Clean couch mounts $10/ea or $30/4 Steering fittings $5ea 144 pump long...
  8. schicks

    Found 1 sj engine mount

    Need 1 sj motor mount, shipped to 49417 michigan. Anyone got one in the parts box?
  9. schicks

    Wammer jet

    Working on a friends ski thats been sitting in the back of his garage for more than a few years. He had no idea what he had. Im 99% sure its an old wamiltons hulls. You can tell by the engine bay/midshaft mounting tray insert. Plan is to remove scuppers, remove front exhaust, remove tubbies...
  10. schicks

    Bad a$$ bindings

    Found these in a splash mag from 1998. Could be used on freestyle skis, and definently keep you connected! Gotta be a comparable with wake boards nowadays. Just a thought....
  11. schicks

    1996 XP hood decals

    Needed one for my ski, so i had a few extras made. $25 shipped
  12. schicks

    Boyesen pro series RAD valve reeds -new

    Boyesen RAD valve reeds both sets: $85 shipped
  13. schicks

    R&D 62t intake manifold w/ hardware & studs

    R&D intake manifold. I ran 44 mikunis on this intake. Throttle mount has been drilled for a kawi style bigbore cable, but i was able to run the skinny yami cable with 2 washers. Mounting studs and hardware includes. $125 shipped
  14. schicks

    Single mikuni 44 carb (not oem yami) & kawi triple mani

    Looking for a single mikuni carb, not the oem yami carb. And a kawi triple intake manifold for mikuni carbs or speedplate for stock kawi manifold.
  15. schicks

    Help/ideas on turfing rrp chinpad

    Im having a hard time getting the chin pad turf to look nice. Ive got some 9mm underturf, but its really hard to trim the angles cleanly because its so soft, even with a new razor blade. If i hit it with a sander to clean up edges, it grips&flips since its not glued down. Diamond turf doesnt...
  16. schicks

    Blowsion pole spring

  17. schicks

    Mikuni 44s, R&D intake, pods, reeds complete

    Mint set of mikuni 44s (not oem 44s). Mint internals. New 2.3 mikuni n/s, mint mikuni diaphrams. #125pj, #110mj. Throttle wheel. T adjusters on high and lows. I have a variety of jets and could jet however requested. $250 R&D intake. Setup for big throttle cable, but small yami will still...
  18. schicks

    155- 7/15 cut back skat e75 swirl

    Like new prop. Sold. Shipped friends paypal
  19. schicks

    SJ gunwale rubber caps

    Clean oem rnsj rail/gunwale rubber cover/caps $50+ship
  20. schicks

    62t flywheel

    Oem 62t flywheel. $70 shipped
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