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  1. Wetbuffalo

    New *Black Friday Deal* Solas 148mm

    Brand new solas 148 — $799 plus shipping and pp fee
  2. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy 10mm crank core

    Looking for a 10 mm crank core that needs a rebuild. Can be rusty but price should reflect conditions.
  3. Wetbuffalo

    Used RRP Aluminum Flywheel

    Lightweight aluminum flywheel. The stator came lose and scraped up the inside of the flywheel. Keyway is in good shape and teeth on the outside ring gear show normal wear. 350$
  4. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy SE flame arrestors

    Looking for a set of these unicorns
  5. Wetbuffalo

    New Torrent Ninja Stickers

    Limited world finals run 2.50 each shipped
  6. Wetbuffalo

    MSD total loss boards and Rickter couplers

    Black MSD board — No side mounting ears $50 Cold Fusion couplers — extended for use in a rickter hull. Puts the motor all the way forward. Was originally used in an FR-2. 75$
  7. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy 2015+ XFS/XFR ride plate

    Looking for a long plate preferably but open to others! Let me know what you have. Must be for the newer hulls.
  8. Wetbuffalo

    Tigercraft M1

    Super clean Tigercraft M1. This is the perfect do a bit of both hull. It is fun on flat days and surf days as well. Freshwater hull. Bolt in your drivetrain and go. Easy as it gets. Including with hull is -Pole -Pole pad -Intake grate -148/150 Pump shoe -Ride plate -Tubbies -New this year...
  9. Wetbuffalo

    TNT v3 chamber *COMP Stinger*

    TNT v3 with comp stinger. Chamber only. Makes more bottom end over the regular stinger. -650$
  10. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy TPE cast head

    Looking for a set of 964 domes, preferably the non wedding cake style. —found Still looking for TPE cast head shell, thanks!
  11. Wetbuffalo

    Vforce 3 reeds

    One season old, clean as clean gets. Both sets of stuffers included —$190
  12. Wetbuffalo

    SOLD PowerFactor Pipe Kit

    Never used, all the goodies included —1,300$
  13. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy Cast TPE head

    Looking to buy a cast TPE head
  14. Wetbuffalo

    Want to Buy Factory B Pipe

    Looking for a Factory B Pipe used
  15. Wetbuffalo

    TNT v3 kit *with COMP stinger*

    This will come as a full kit with all couplers, clamps, spray bar, and foam blocks. Water box will be a new power factor which is the best combo I have found. The manifold is also ported. The COMP stinger really makes this pipe work. I have run a non-comp one and it adds much more bottom end...
  16. Wetbuffalo

    Speedy Sprocket 760 Flywheel

    Clean flywheel, charging with the third lump removed —$120
  17. Wetbuffalo

    Titanium Yamaha Pump Bolts

    M10x25mm long. Includes TI lock washer — 45$
  18. Wetbuffalo

    SOLD Tigercraft Adjustable Footholds

    New, footholds only — 100$
  19. Wetbuffalo

    New Yamaha Needle Bearings

    3x WSM Yamaha 650/701 — $7.50 each 2x ADR Yamaha 650/701 — $10.00 each 2x ADR 29mm by 20mm bearings (Aftermarket cylinder bearings)— $10.00 Each
  20. Wetbuffalo

    Lower Niagara (Falls) rapids riding

    This is possibly the most wild video I have ever seen. I am amazed that no one died as any one who has entered these waters almost never makes it out. Definitely a good watch.
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