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    RRP 4* Fatbars

    Looking for some RRP 4* fatbars preferable newer ones that are thinned down to fit the grips/switches better PM me if you have some
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    Looking for some stock Kawi 750 parts

    Looking for some stock Kawi 750 components intake grate from sx/sxi/sxi pro CDI any year/model 750 works Steering sub plate for stock 750/800 pole Throttle bracket Shoot a message if you have anything. I would prefer to get everything from the same person if possible! TIA
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    Blowsion vs RRP Steering Discussion

    I’m contemplating upgrading my steering systems after years of using the tried and true blowsion 7/8” bearing style steering systems, kinda like the old umi systems. I have decided that I want to convert to a fat bar type steering and I see that both blowsion and rrp make full fat bar steering...
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    2017 Bullett Racing V2.5 1100

    For Sale 2017 Bullett Racing V2.5 1100 Bullett V2.5 hull w/ lightweight carbon hood, Bullett mid sponsons, rear adjustable hull extentions, ect. Powered by lightly ported Kawasaki 1100 with Wossner pistons (~1150cc), custom exhaust work, Novi-Tec 48mm carbs with Kommander intake and VF2 reeds...
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    Has anyone put a Yamaha 701/760 in a SXR800 hull?

    Looking to start a winter project, curious about throwing a 701/760 in one of my old sxr800 hulls. Ideally I would like to run the big oem Yamaha 760 sitdown exhaust and plumb it into a rear waterbox setup, then mount the ebox up front on a tank bracket made for a sxr1100 conversion. Has anyone...
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    AWSA Race August 28-30 - Twin Falls, Idaho

    AWSA race coming to Hazelton/Twin Falls, Idaho on August 28-30 2020. Possibly the only west coast racing this year due to current events, don't miss it!
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    Superjet Dead Battery Issue

    Hi all, I’m looking for some confirmation of a theory that my battery is bad. Backstory: This past weekend I was playing around on the sj jumping boat wakes all weekend. Launched off one, came down, lanyard popped out, ski dies. Try to restart, no power. Very faint click from starter solenoid...
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    MSD Enhancer Ignition Kawasaki 750/2003 SXR

    Clean used MSD enhancer ignition for a Kawasaki 750 or 2003 SXR800 From a running freshwater machine $200 + shipping
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    Kawasaki SXI PRO/2003 SXR Electrical Box

    complete fully functional electrical box from a kawasaki 750 SXI PRO, also compatible with 2003 SXR800 Complete, no missing parts. Freshwater machine, ready to bolt on. $250 + shipping
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    Dual Mikuni SBNi 38/40 carbs Kawasaki 750/800

    Dual mikuni sbni 38/40mm carbs from a kawasaki SXI PRO Complete setup from manifold to flame arrestors. Jetting is 67.5 low, 170 high, 1.5n/s. Entire setup is from a modified 750, freshwater ski. $400 + shipping
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    Kawi 750 SX/SXI Factory Dry Pipe w/ MSD EWCI

    Selling a Kawi 750 SX/SXI/SXI Pro Factory Dry Pipe with MSD EWCI setup. Complete package from a running ski with all components. $600 Local (washington state area) or $660 shipped (lower 48, other locations can be quoted)
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    WTB stock exhaust for kawasaki sxi/sxi pro

    Looking for a green stock exhaust for a kawi sxi/sxi pro
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    WTB TBM Hood Hook SXR

    Looking for a single TBM hood hook for SXR 2003-2011. One of mine broke and needing a replacement. Thanks in advance
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    OEM 2017 SJ steering cable

    Extremely low hour own steering cable from 2017 SJ Removed for older cable swap shortly after new $75 shipped
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    2003-2011 SXR 800 parts

    Some parts kicking around here from several Sxr’s that aren’t here anymore Billet bilge switch housing, fits Sxr, 750’s, 440/550 $20 Used billet sxr 800 couplers, one umi, one TBM. Some dings/scratches but plenty usable $20 each JSU handlepole spring tensioner $20 OEM tool kits, good...
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    NIB Wiseco 80.5mm Kawasaki 750 pistons 2qty

    2 new Wiseco 80.5mm pistons for Kawasaki 750 Complete kits with new rings, circlips, and and 20mm piston pins. $100 for both
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    WTB Kawi 750/800 crank

    Looking for a usable condition 750/800 crank Please shoot a pm if you have one
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    2013 Superjet chinpad

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    2015 superjet slow cranking

    I’ve been chasing an issue of slow cranking with my 2015 sj for a while now and I’d like to finally solve it. It always starts, it just cracks over very slowly compared to all of my friends stock superjets and my previous 2013. In chasing the problem, I’ve tried the following: Tested multiple...
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    WTB single Yamaha long starter bolt

    One of mine broke, looking for a single long m5 starter bolt for yamaha This is the bolt that holds the starter together thanks
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