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  1. headshock

    62T Flywheel - What are these?

    On a 62T Flywheel what are these 6 Black pieces? Magnets? Hoping its just plastic but wondering if they have a use?
  2. headshock

    Lightened 62T - Flywheel (Charging)

    Looking for nice lightened 62T Charging Flywheel to play around with as a winter project Im currently running MSD enhancer with RAD Charging FW but have an Advent Ignition I want to bring back into the mix and it doesn't work with the RAD FW. Let me know me what you have that your looking...
  3. headshock

    Setup wake prehop woes

    Making progress on the Rickter but have some new issues. First off I used to only be able to do any type of Barrelroll if the conditions were perfect. Now im used to the ski and dont depend on glass to do tricks. That said, I have a new problem when entering my setup wake to go into a barrel...
  4. headshock

    xscream trim cable

    Looking for a backup cable, i just ordered one from xscream but figured a backup is probably a good idea. Having to go a week w/o trim isnt fun. If you have one lying around hit me up.
  5. headshock

    Tuning TNT V2 Pipe - Pro Series

    Now that Im finally used to my ski, Ive been having fun tuning my TNT v2 Pro Series Pipe. I'm interested in what everyone else has experienced as far as jetting for the exhaust manifold Spray bar. Hull: Rickter Edge FS Engine: TPE 1021 Carbs: FS 48s (M:135/P:127.5) Pump: Torrent 48 (10/17...
  6. headshock

    Advent T3 CDI - w/ D21 Freestyle Curve Set

    Advent T3 taken off of my running ski. Decided to go with an MSD with a RAD lightweight Flywheel because the Advent wont work with the RAD. Works great with a 62T OEM or 62T Lightened OEM Flywheel. Had it as a backup but am selling because I'm liquidating parts $275 Shipped If you have...
  7. headshock

    SOLD - 148 Skat D75 7/12 Impeller - Mint

    H20 Designs Impeller - 148 Skat-Trak D75 7/12 with a +5mm Cutback for better hookup. Impeller is great shape, no dings or repairs made to it. $225 shipped
  8. headshock

    2019 Rickter Edge FS

    I am regretfully considering selling my 2019 Rickter Edge FS after some life related issues have occurred and am getting out of the sport 100%. (I am not looking to ship or trade anything and I am not desperate to sell) Price: $26,500 - This was a 6 month special order from Blowsion and RRP...
  9. headshock

    FreeRiderz FiBox System(Dual)

    Selling the FiBox System I purchased about 1 year ago. I am selling this system because I have bought a new Rickter Edge hull and the FiBox doest fit in the hull like it did in my superjet. I ran these on FullSpec 48 MM carbs, I know they will work on 49s. They mount directly to the round...
  10. headshock

    TPE Stickers

    Getting a new ski but don't have any TPE stickers for it. Seems a shame not to put some TPE Bling on my new ski and Erik is all out. Anyone have 2 they can part with?
  11. headshock

    Misc Superjet Parts for sale

    62T Reed Cages - Need reeds - $30 Shipped OEM Steering Plate - $30 Shipped OEM Pole Spring - $35 Shipped Lord Mounts - 1- $20 shipped - 2 for $30 or 3 for $45 Shipped (NEW) OEM coupler - $30 Shipped OEM Noseguard - $50 Shipped OEM Head - $50 Shipped Waiver Raider Trim Ring - $25 Shipped...
  12. headshock

    144 Props - 12/17 Thin FR and 13/17 Concord - Both Sold

    I have two props, both are in great shape. Im only looking to get rid of one of the two so first one to go wins. Skat-Trak 144 Swirl - 12-17 Thin Blade Freeride - SOLD Solas 144 Concord - 13/17 - SOLD Plus shipping and PP
  13. headshock

    Water Injection Manifold

    Does anyone have one of these they want to part with? Playing around with ways to set up my water injection.
  14. headshock

    Found - 2 - Water injection fitting/ Spray Bar

    Checking to see if anyone has these floating around. I'm looking for 2 - 1/8 inch NTP water injection fittings or Spray Bars.
  15. headshock

    96+ Superjet Midshaft (Found Shaft no longer wanted)

    Looking for a decent used 96+ complete Midshaft w/o couplers. Please hit me up with what you have.
  16. headshock

    RRP carbon wetpipe vs Power Factor vs....

    Building a ski with a TPE 1021 and am switching from an R&D Dry pipe to a Laydown pipe. I just spent 20 minutes reading the thread PF WED/DRY vs RRP. It had some great info before it got out of control and closed...
  17. headshock

    UMI Bearing Cap

    Its a long shot but does anyone have the cap used to cover the bearings for a UMI steering system?
  18. headshock

    2019 Rickter Edge FS Build

    Greetings X-h20ers - I am soon to be a proud owner of a 2019 Edge FS - Blue Camo . Ordered it yesterday! Cant wait to start my build, let the countdown begin. Do any of you own LimitedSlip's 3.3 or 4.7 tanks? Hows this all fit with the RRP Pipe, it sounds like the 4.7 may be a little...
  19. headshock

    Rickter Edge FR vs Edge FS weight difference

    Ive been considering building a ski over the last 6 months and have zoned in all all types of rickters. Searched for this but no luck. I realize the Edge FR is built up extra to take a beating in the surf and so on. How does all of this equate to weight difference between the two hulls?
  20. headshock

    WPS Battery woes

    Not a big poster here. I spend most of my time lurking off other threads and get lots of great info so I thought I would throw this out there. A friend and I have been running a 62T charging system with a few different Waterproof rated WPS battery's. When out of the water I we have tried...
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