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  1. timverhey

    TJ setback pump 160/83

    TJ Products is glad to introduce the all new TJ 160/83 lightweight pump, as the next step to the complete RTR TJ drivetrain. TJ Products is a young company that has been arisen from a hobby and competition riding to a high quality manufactoring company. My wife and i have been riding...
  2. timverhey

    No wake flips with LSP Revolver

    Lsp revolver Maxx 160-83 16 vain XS 1200r engine 49 full specs PFP
  3. timverhey

    New movie Girl freestyle

  4. timverhey

    2013 Flatwater

  5. timverhey

    Some flatwater freestyle

  6. timverhey

    Jessi Wijdeven Double Girl Flip

    Here is some footage from Jessi riding the Lsp Revolver doing a double flip. Special for all you guys in the end the prove that it is a girl :) Second movie she does a tripple allready :)
  7. timverhey

    Freestyle Some Lee Stone Revolver Footage

    Riding the revolver for an hour of 2 now and made a nice progress just by changing to this hull :)
  8. timverhey

    Freestyle 22 mm driveshaft fitment

    I keep having problems with my shafts and was thinking to put 22 mm shaft does Anyone have experience with this ? i am riding a lsp revolver with a dasa 1100 the length is not a problem as i need to shorten the shaft the point i dont know is the intermediate shaft
  9. timverhey

    Freestyle Revolver build

    Got my new revolver and started the build today finish and decals are really Nice got the pro version with the big intake and custom LSP pumpshoe and grate
  10. timverhey

    Yeah Jessi did it in competition

    The movie from the flip comes when the movies of the competition are online @ :)
  11. timverhey

    Freestyle My girl jessi doing a flip

    Thrust 10mm 1100 :)
  12. timverhey

    Freestyle DASA intake manifold

    What are your experience with the dasa intake with vforce 2 reeds Better then a boyesen or equal ? Carbs dual 49's Engine is dasa 1100 10mm Thanks
  13. timverhey

    Engine Thrust innovations

    Had my engine ordered at Thrust. Great custommer service and a real nice package. Had a damaged part by Fedex shipping they handled the box way to brutal. Made a call to Chris @ thrust and it was fixed imediatly and got a day later the tracking for the replacement part. THATS WHAT I CALL...
  14. timverhey

    Custom/Hybrid winter rebuild new engine Dasa 10mm 1100

    Found water in the hull so take all the foam out and made new footholds. Sold my old 885 10 mm dasa engine and ordered a new 10 mm 1100 @ Thrust. Pics of the engine will follow when it arrive
  15. timverhey

    Freestyle What reed valves and intake

    What reed valves and intake should be the best/your choice and what are the pros and the cons about it My engine is DASA 885 10 mm Carbs is 49 full spectrum Msd tl Thanks
  16. timverhey

    Other Wiseco pistons

    Got some pistons delivered but seem that they both have a production error. Someone ever had a same sort of issue? Mailed the supplier(Ebay) with this pic's and get the awnser that it was impossible that wiseco made a production error and that he thought i'm comparing with oem pistons...
  17. timverhey

    Freestyle my 2012 ski build

    Hi, Here some pics of my ski build up for 2012
  18. timverhey

    Freestyle RN Freestyle dasa build

    Hi i'm from holland, Got an 05 RN Superjet This winter i paint the hull, Rebuild engine to 85,5 Dasa PV Dual 49 Full spectrum's. ATP V2 Handle pole ATP E.P.I.C 9LTR Petrol Tank.
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