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  1. zwaysfs

    2021 Superjet Preorder Status - Share Yours

    I ordered mine in Nov 2021. Arrived at dealership in Myrtle Beach SC yesterday, picking up friday.
  2. zwaysfs

    Custom/Hybrid 2 Stroke EFI

    As I said before it can be done I've done it. EFI is very sensitive to water ingestion there is a but load of wires and stuff to get wet. Ive updated the system with a smaller fuel pump that the SXR charging system can sustain but don't expect many start and stops. i get 2 or 3 with the...
  3. zwaysfs

    Freestyle which way do you roll?

    Im amazed there haven't been any Zoolander Jokes. Is anyone an ambi-roller?
  4. zwaysfs

    Custom/Hybrid 2 Stroke EFI

    Here ya go
  5. zwaysfs

    Custom/Hybrid 2 Stroke EFI

    Ive done it it works great for starting a ski but the throttle response is not that great. Plus you need to spend hours and hours and hours on fuel map tables I have the throttle body intake manifold and injectors and al the software if somebody wants to purchase them from me. Then you need to...
  6. zwaysfs

    SXR SXR Fuse Keeps Blowing

    DID all that turns out I replaced the stator and it was fixed I was lucky I had a few extra laying around.
  7. zwaysfs

    Other Sunk Ski in Lake do we find it...

    I really wish i was there man I still have all my USMC DIVE gear with fins twin 80s my dive compass and plot chart i can cover 5 k square in a day lake erie isn't Spit compared to some of the search and rescue dives I've had to do. We had an AAV sink 3 miles off coast of Okinawa in 06 They sent...
  8. zwaysfs

    SXR SXR Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Negative battery cable broke so i replaced it and now i keep blowing fuses as soon as I hook the battery up. All wires checked no cuts or cracks in e box, checked wires going to stator coil nothing cut or cracked. Ski has an advent ignition. Is that what happens when they go bad? I have...
  9. zwaysfs

    Other problems sending pms tonight

    DUCK AND COVER HIDE ASAP when my wife has problems with PMS I try to disappear
  10. zwaysfs

    Custom/Hybrid Spark plug gap?

    Paul Lehr suggested BPR 8ES on my Dasa Kawasaki 970 I have tried the Iridium ones BPR 8EIX. The iridium plugs did better with 100LL as far as fouling but there was no performance gain. The P means the electrode is extended to reach further into the cyl I assume it put the spark closer to the...
  11. zwaysfs

    ROLL CALL for the FALL Carolina Beach Freeride!!!

    Do FISH use a PLASTIC POO PALACE.... NO... THEN ME EITHER MY ancestors were fish so its totally OK. Naturally I will be there. Are there Light Weight Hulls Coming BOB Superfreak KDX RICKETer or Trinity.
  12. zwaysfs

    Freestyle Power Valve

    Im running a Dasa Sxr Motor and it runs great finally. Some time ago I read something about lighter or heavier PV springs that can be installed to help with low end. I know that motor isn't meant to be a beast on the low end. From what I understand it was meant for mid to top end power and...
  13. zwaysfs

    Other No power valve movement

    --also super-- important check to make sure the highest exhaust bolts are not too long on dasa kawi motors if the bolts are to long they will press on the power valves and actually press them further in and they will snag on a piston ring ive seen it.
  14. zwaysfs

    SXR Steering Cable

    SWEET how did I miss that i was just on their sight
  15. zwaysfs

    Custom/Hybrid Jetski Lost, looking for some help and ideas.

    SERIOUSLY resourceful how did you get a HELO
  16. zwaysfs

    SXR Steering Cable

    So I broke my steering cable today. A few years back when I purchased the last one I had a choice between a "Heavy Duty" cable and a OEM cable, I went with OEM. I looked on a few of the usual web sights and didn't see any "Heavy Duty" ones. does anybody make a cable for an SXR that will last...
  17. zwaysfs

    SXR First barrel roll

    If you don't mind what do you have in the ski as far as motor and pump to roll an SXR it has to be a big power plant.
  18. zwaysfs

    SXR Want to buy a 2011 Kawasaki 800 SxR

    pwc trader do a search for it a lot of brand new ones come up and a few used all around the country for a new one its better cause you don't have to call around to a bunch of dealers
  19. zwaysfs

    Other DASA 850PV cooling

    Steve at KOMMANDER suggests adding a cooling line into the motor tapped into the water jacket towards the top of the head on the side it cooled my right down. I also went with parallel cooling to keep the exhaust a little cooler.
  20. zwaysfs

    SXR Stand Ups with Audio? Anyone have any good examples?

    Go to west marine get the FUSION AUDIO head unit (make sure to get the extra warranty) it comes with 2 7in speakers install the head unit in the ski. I kept mine contained to the hood with a quick disconnect for the battery. Cut 2 holes on the side of the hood for the 7 inch speakers waterproof...
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