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  1. AtomicPunk

    Other Hot Water, the movie.

    Bump this ole thread up... IMDB says 2019 release date and has some actual actors listed too... :eek:
  2. AtomicPunk

    Nozzle Boring ''How To ''

    Dude needs some taperbored nozzles! So whats your point? :) (good threads never die, unless they are locked)
  3. AtomicPunk

    "Jetski Fever"

    Saw this classic. Get your own copy. This 23-minute, professionally produced documentary focuses on the 1983 duel between Larry Rippenkroeger and Brian Bendix during the Inaugural World Cup Challenge at three stops in Florida, while also featuring the top woman...
  4. AtomicPunk

    part options...

    I have been out of the game... but here are my thoughts. Trim - They always seem to be a maintenance issue, but I think 2 year expectation on the cable is reasonable. Can't offer advice on the latest trim systems. I think the TOM21 foothold is your only option to keep the fire extinguisher...
  5. AtomicPunk

    Top reasons why the south is king...and the north AIN'T.

    Florida man is good stuff! Florida Man would have brewed this beer with pit bull teeth, zombie cats, larceny, alligator skins and paint fumes. Not that we have any objections to that approach, because lets face it, Florida Man is crazy and you don’t tell him no. But there are rules (laws even)...
  6. AtomicPunk

    Freestyle Stoyer? X Scream was just on Fox

    I think they were on the local Bucs broadcast (against the stinkin Cowboys) again this past weekend...
  7. AtomicPunk Be sure to add yours Be sure to add yours
  8. AtomicPunk

    Tom, I have a few yards of carbon fiber that i was saving for a rainy day that never came. Let...

    Tom, I have a few yards of carbon fiber that i was saving for a rainy day that never came. Let me know if you want it and I can drop it off sometime.
  9. AtomicPunk

    If two is good then four is better

    ** Just in time for WF... Looks like it is from XScream?
  10. AtomicPunk

    Freak jetski accident, damaged hull

    Here's an idea.. run the big ass tank but only put a couple gallons in it.
  11. AtomicPunk

    650/X-2 Please stop sending x2 owners away

    @Vumad when I first read the subject I thought it said "please stop sending x-2 owners MY WAY" LOL.
  12. AtomicPunk

    Rash Guard or T shirt?

    That's why I buy a life jacket with large arm openings (not because I have large arms)... Water temp is 90 right now... hate to wear anything except sunscreen.
  13. AtomicPunk

    the trivial complaints thread

    I bought the last 2 rounds of phones from them because they were the cheapest... the customer service was so bad I swore I would never go back... dropped my phone last week (and my backup yesterday), heading to Costco tomorrow.
  14. AtomicPunk

    the trivial complaints thread

    Get on down to Florida.. only rains for an hour. It can be highly unpredictable when that hour is. But then you can get on with your life.
  15. AtomicPunk

    What vest to buy?

    x4 on these... Lots of room for your arms/pits, USCG approved, side entry, no buckles in front, great flotation, good impact protection, lighter than Neoprene.... I like my Slippery Switch but I like these even better especially for the price.
  16. AtomicPunk

    Just chix at the beach

    I saw a lot of nice "chinpads"... what freak?
  17. AtomicPunk

    Top reasons why the south is king...and the north AIN'T.

    You go ahead and have fun with your "extra hour"... at 5:30 AM! I haven't been affected by a tropical storm in years. Cool thing is, you know when they are coming, they water the lawn for 24 hours and then it is back to business as usual the next day. Unlike snow that you have to look at or...
  18. AtomicPunk

    the trivial complaints thread

    Car line at the school.... has 15 "stations" in a row. The sidewalk to walk into the school is in the middle around #8. Every damn person in front of me has to drive little Johnny to the one that is closest to the entrance (were the teacher obligingly opens the door for every car). Little Johnny...
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