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  1. JC-SuperJet

    Brought to you by a SeaDoo Spark

    Is the Tray water-logged? :p
  2. JC-SuperJet

    1995 Yamaha Superjet CUSTOM -SOLD-

    Hooray! :D
  3. JC-SuperJet

    997 cdi short circuit fail state

    So you didn't ground the Spark Plug Wires? The 30 thousand volts have to go somewhere! That means that the Coils and CDI couldn't shoot their loads and got very hot. The Ignition Coils probably survived, but the CDI internal Diodes (electrical check valves) probably got fried. The CDI internal...
  4. JC-SuperJet

    Media flow machined manifold

    For 4-stroke Engines, a polished surface with minimum roughness improves flow and horsepower. And it works because the Exhaust Gases only flow ONE way. But with the 2-stroke Exhaust, some of the un-burnt Fuel-Oil Mixture and Exhaust dwells in the Manifold and Head Pipe and then goes back into...
  5. JC-SuperJet

    FOUND - Oem RN pole

    @john zigler How much does shipping actually cost for a Handle Pole? How about for an Exhaust System?
  6. JC-SuperJet

    See Mister Ho Remanufacture a Shot Piston and Rev the Engine to the Max!

    Fake? Mister Ho had them two Engines rockin' and revin' side by side on the table. I was wondering when one of them PTO Couplers was going to bite him o_O And what about his Flambe Motor Mount build where he lights up that Rubber Glue and then presses the new Mounts on the Vise? Bam! New Motor...
  7. JC-SuperJet

    See Mister Ho Remanufacture a Shot Piston and Rev the Engine to the Max!

    Mister Ho is a Wizard! :D How can he make these Crusty Engines live again with the same used Parts? I too have WD-40, Pressure Washer, Air Compressor, Impact Wrench and a Hammer o_O
  8. JC-SuperJet

    2024 impeller

    Use a Magnet Pickup Tool against it: if it sticks it's Steel, if it don't then it's Aluminum...
  9. JC-SuperJet

    Coffman Sizzler Exhaust System for Yamaha 650/701

    Complete Yamaha 650/701 Exhaust System. $800 SHIPPED plus Paypal Fees. Note: uses the original OEM Yamaha Manifold Bolts-NOT included. See Paypal Fee Calculator (SEND $830)
  10. JC-SuperJet

    Skat Trak Impellers still being sold?

    Skat-Trak did not go out of business. They simply discontinued their line of PWC Impellers. Thy sell Off-Road Paddle Tires.
  11. JC-SuperJet

    Bills Before Skills!!

    Someone on this Forum made a Venn Diagram for all models Standup and what they each can do...
  12. JC-SuperJet

    USPS problems

    You can actually beat the USPS if you ship overnight. They guarantee it will be there on time or you get all your money back. I mailed something overnight and it was a day late. So I got my 100 bucks back via check from Uncle Sam :D Safe bet...
  13. JC-SuperJet

    Erickson performance

    Where can I order the Erickson Pipe? ;)
  14. JC-SuperJet

    Surface rust on bearing cage

    Wouldn't that Bearing Face be coated, protected and lubricated more by the required Grease Packing of the Crank Seal? Seems like it would be difficult for the Oil Mixture to reach that Bearing Face. Maybe the Grease was not packed generously or the Seal was leaking grease and later Air? What...
  15. JC-SuperJet

    Buyers and Sellers Beware of One-Ring Phone Scam

    Basically, if you call certain sketchy Phone Numbers, you will be back-billed by the Phone Company at a killer rate like $5 to $10 bucks per minute. And YOU have to pay for it. Scammers are posting their "Phone Numbers" on Buy/Sell Ads for the OP to call them. DO NOT call them unless you can...
  16. JC-SuperJet

    Super Jet Ring replacement time?

    For the Rings to have such low wear, you probably didn't have as many actual Engine-Hours as you estimate. According to your guess, that Top End has more than 300 hours which would definitely wear the Piston Rings down, and a Compression reading and loss of performance would reflect that...
  17. JC-SuperJet

    ProX Pistons for Yamaha 700/1100 $100 ea plus Shipping

    Three Piston Kits remaining: (1) Kit Complete (2) Kits minus the Circlips Circlips can be bought at Blowsion.
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