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    Anyone have a Dog/Dogs?

    I'd say he's excited! He is a 3 year old belgidor, black lab/ belgian malionis. Best dog ever.
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    The amount of times we were asked to make the sxr wet pipe chamber

    I'm not complaining Wax. I'm like everyone else, excited to have more opinions. I'm just saying it's possible to shove a SJ chamber in.
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    The amount of times we were asked to make the sxr wet pipe chamber

    Thanks Wax!! I already stuffed your superjet chamber in my SXR. I had to use a SJ waterbox also. I'm not pulling the engine back out to swap waterboxs though so mine will just have to live with the SJ chamber in it.
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    Why don't I ever see dyno's?

    I didn't read all 548 post but why wouldn't a flow meter hooked to the reduction nozzle be a good apple to apple comparison? Not sure if pressure would have to be read in the reduction nozzle or near the flow meter. Each and every part of the whole drive train could be compared. Every variable...
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    Fluid dynamics r&d trim nozzle

    Really curious about this. How many degrees do you get in each direction?
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    Solas 12-vane mag pump stator

    I'm still pretty happy with my price, thank you though Quinc
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    Solas 12-vane mag pump stator

    it wasnt to good to be true.
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    Solas 12-vane mag pump stator Not sure the the credibility of the website but half tempted to find out.
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    Where to buy a new nose piece

    Sure do
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    Yamaha b1 riva red pipe

    Why wouldn't you say my cell? SCAMMER
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    What's your view look like today?

    First ride in the river!
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    Stock Kawi 1100 carbs

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    Please delete

    PM sent
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    62t for sale $400 plus shipping/fees

    Tshaw with a period you say?
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    Pump Pressure

    Is the answer top loader intake grates increase efficiency by 20%? Sorry JC i did read past the gestamation part.
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    Pump Pressure

    I know nothing. The little I think I know about hydraulics is GPMxPSI÷1714=HP Say we are pushing 90 gallons per second 90GPSx60SEC=5400gpm 5400GPMx23PSI=124200 124100÷1714=72HP Dose a 750SX have 72HP? If so then the pump is 110% efficient?
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    Pump Pressure

    Curious about GPM numbers now
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    Hull 2019 Epic Stryker

    What's a Epic Stryker? Pictures and price would help with sell.
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    No longer available. rrp/tube pole chin pads

    Same here on a black chin pad.
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