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  1. jetskifreak

    Been a long time

    Been a long time
  2. jetskifreak

    2010 rock n ride pics

    more pics from Sunday had vid of the flat deck getting pulled out but it looks like crap sorry
  3. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 '83 & '85 JS440 First Skis

    the water box is full of crap so they will smoke alot till you burn it all out
  4. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Help 440/550 Guru's Needed - See video

    sounds like a stator bolt came out
  5. jetskifreak

    thanks for the request so anything new on the ski

    thanks for the request so anything new on the ski
  6. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 is a 750sx worth the extra money?

    There is a nice 750 for 1400 in cleveland craigs list
  7. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 84 kawi 550 carb setting

    1 out low 5/8 high
  8. jetskifreak

    Were do you ride? new to ohio

    Were do you ride? new to ohio
  9. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 JS 550 locked up.

    I would spray wd-40 down the cylinders and see if it will come loose my buddies ski was like that and it was rusted little wd-40 mite do the trick
  10. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Carb size?

    Air filter bolts are diff 3 hole or 4 hole
  11. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 JS 550 wont turn. Help?

    What is the compression
  12. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 JS550 bogging out, seems like water box is full?

    the nipple on the pipe by the e box the little one is the pisser line run it out of the ski or get a new pipe and get that heavey thing off there
  13. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 JS 550 wont turn. Help?

    carb kit primer put some gas in the carb and see if it will fire
  14. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Carb size?

    My book says bn 44 with 40mm venturi was on 86-90 91 keihin cdk38 92 newer bn38
  15. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Help js440!!!

    If you dont torque it you may not of got the flywheel on all the way
  16. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Help js440!!!

    ok sorry i missed the no spark thing did you get the flywheel nut on and flywheel on right and the nut is torque to 115 then check your start stop switch and make sure your spring is not broke inside the stop switch
  17. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 550 wont stay running

    change the diaphram in the carb
  18. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 JS550 pump size? any possible swaps for low end pull?

    i put a 440 pump in a 550 reed motor and it pulled harder but i dont no if a 440 pump would help or not
  19. jetskifreak

    300/440/550 Help js440!!!

    Your tank is pulled by now flip the ski over and then crank the ski over a few hundred times and see how much water you got in the engine because you had the hose full blast and it has to much water mixing with every thing i no i have filled my motor with water and it would not start make sure...
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