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  1. Jcary85

    FNG Can I flip? 6’5” 230lbs

    Ya I’m not saying XFR is perfect for everyone just a good ski for me. I’m 5’10” 220lb. With the sponsons on it’s honestly a totally different ski. I’ve heard V3 is a good hybrid as well but don’t know first hand.
  2. Jcary85

    FNG Can I flip? 6’5” 230lbs

    Could absolutely ride it 10 miles. Mine is not set up with a tank big enough for that but if it had a giant tank it could certainly go 10 miles easily and comfortably. All depends what this guy wants to do I guess. If you want a leasurely cruise to the surf get a new super jet I guess. Coming...
  3. Jcary85

    FNG Can I flip? 6’5” 230lbs

    I don’t want to get into a heated debate but I agree there are good all around skis. I can do every FW trick on my XFR I can with with my g2 just not as much height. Slap on the sponsons and maybe change ride plate and it’s absolutely nuts in surf. To answer OP question, you are definitely not...
  4. Jcary85


    I continue to taper down. Doesn’t really matter. Most motors are only hitting 7k rpm anyway
  5. Jcary85

    AM hulls, titles and insurance??

    I got a $15k payout on my havoc several years ago. It was with safeco. It was a $20k policy, cost $400 a year. They totaled it for cracked bottom on visual carbon but I got to keep it for a $5k salvage value and got 15k. They would not insure my next ski though.
  6. Jcary85

    LS10 xs trim modification for easier pull

    Does not come with it. In this picture it’s just an OEM steering cable end. I typically use a barrel nut and heim joint though. Phil sells them as does high speed or you can cobble it together with stuff from McMaster
  7. Jcary85

    wth happened to hydroturf?

    How is hydro turf made anyway? Is it as simple as milling a mold, heating it and pressing some Eva foam? I know the cut stuff is different but I don’t even think they make cut turf anymore. I wonder if someone with access to a CNC mill (cough, me) could make their own hydro turf?
  8. Jcary85

    Triton Lite capacity?

    I’m saying 1300 carrying capacity unless it has some upgraded options.
  9. Jcary85

    Triton Lite capacity?

    From triton website in 2003. Picture looks like your traielr
  10. Jcary85

    Cheap Porting Tool

    Thanks for this thread! I was googling the same stuff recently as I need to do a bit of port shaping. Keep us posted on quality!
  11. Jcary85

    Pump Tuning Thread

    2021 rickter XFS g2 with G1 bottom. TPE 1200 Pump: Torrent Ninja 160 Nozzle Size: 91/95 Prop Type: 160/83 long blade I think Prop Pitch: 11/21 very tight to stator DVX. PHP 1015 on race domes. Prop is slightly loose. Pump: xscream 155 (skat core) Nozzle Size: 100/105 Prop Type: Skat Prop...
  12. Jcary85

    Zeeltronic 787rotax

    Looking at pictures of the flywheel I see two lobes. It should be twin lobe. Stop configuration looks fine. There’s a very good manual for these that covers a lot of this information. I’d strongly suggest giving it a read.
  13. Jcary85

    PHP timing curves

    FWIW my 1015 on race has turned a 13/16 and a 13/19 with no issues in my DVX
  14. Jcary85

    PHP Engines........... Now by LPW

    Great news Paul! The 1015 in my DVX is an awesome motor. People are consistently surprised with how much power it makes. Glad you are bringing them back!
  15. Jcary85

    PHP timing curves

    Compression will make the difference, not timing. You will see almost no change in power between, say, 32 and 34 degrees.
  16. Jcary85

    PHP timing curves

    * in a freestyle setting
  17. Jcary85

    PHP timing curves

    It’s going to be pretty much the same. You could experiment with a little more max timing but it’s generally always 32 max til 5k or 5500 then taper to 19ish at 7k. That’s the same curve for a LOT of motors. More related to the pipe vs the motor from what I hear.
  18. Jcary85

    sm13 spins wrong direction

    I buy them all the time. Idk which ones went the wrong direction so it’s a bit of a krap shoot. Most recently I bought one for a CBR1100 and it spins the correct direction. I don’t think it’s so much a 4 stroke vs 2 stroke thing. Probably more about what side of the motor the starter is on but...
  19. Jcary85

    sm13 spins wrong direction

    I did some research on this a while back. iIRC it’s based on the fixed magnets in the case so can’t be switched easily. You can use the guts and put in a different case though.
  20. Jcary85

    Unconventional DIY ignition setup on 787

    So did you check it again with a different timing light? Keep us posted on long term reliability. Glad it’s running.
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