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  1. Brad Mondun

    If you could go back in time and assist yourself buy your first ski, what advice would you give?

    I never would have bought my first standup ski without lake testing it first. It was a very nice condition JS 550 that started right up out of the water. I didn’t know much about them so I trusted him and went off condition of the ski as a whole. When I took it to the lake a few days later it...
  2. Brad Mondun

    550 exhaust

    Try eBay. There are usually a bunch for sale on there
  3. Brad Mondun

    Recommended used sit down ski’s and what to avoid?

    I have a 96 Seadoo XP . I like it but it will beat you to death on rough water. For someone new to riding they probably won’t last long unless it’s smooth water. The wave raider and wave runner are reliable but ride like crap, I jumped one before and I almost got thrown over the handlebars.
  4. Brad Mondun

    All My Florida Friends

    Awesome video!! Makes me miss living in Florida.
  5. Brad Mondun

    In other news

    Sounds like local white trash sitting on the launch ramp .
  6. Brad Mondun

    Aftermarket gas fuel tank

    Very interested! I left you a voice mail
  7. Brad Mondun

    Yamaha and Kawasaki parts for sale

    Still have everything but the cylinder. I can bring any or all to Southern Fried Freeride.
  8. Brad Mondun

    JS 300 motor

    Bump still have this . Can deliver to Southern Fried Freeride
  9. Brad Mondun

    EZ SKI hitch hauler

    Like new, used 1 time . I got another one in a ski deal so I no longer need this one. $350.00 cash . I can bring it to Southern Fried Freeride if anyone is interested Or you’re more than welcome to come over and pick it up. Not interested in PayPal or shipping FJB .
  10. Brad Mondun

    Should I use any locktite on a b pipe head pipe to manifold bolts.

    I used antisieze on mine also.
  11. Brad Mondun

    Should I use any locktite on a b pipe head pipe to manifold bolts.

    Gasket was from JetManiac . Looks like a nice quality reinforced. I’m going to try some new lock washers also. The pipe was installed for a year before this happened and had quite a few rides on it .
  12. Brad Mondun

    Should I use any locktite on a b pipe head pipe to manifold bolts.

    My b pipe came loose last weekend while riding. The 3 bolts for the head pipe just backed out. I was able to tighten them again but the gasket was ruined. I put grease on them initially to keep them from sticking but I’m wondering if I should use lock tight blue or red. Thanks for any info
  13. Brad Mondun

    In other news

    GA Fisherman
  14. Brad Mondun

    In other news

    It’s all good here on the east coast . No laws against 2strokes or noise. Fisherman never say anything to our group. It’s a damm free for all out here at Lanier!
  15. Brad Mondun

    2023 Roll Call

    It’s only me on p23 so you’re welcome to set up there brapperdoodle . I’m just bringing a truck, tent and ski.
  16. Brad Mondun

    2023 Southern Fried Freeride Sept 21-24th

    P 23 booked! That may have been the last peninsula spot left .
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