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    Used 750sx factory b pipe limited

    Price drop$600
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    1990 701 superjet $2500

    Thanks I wish I could take credit for the build but I purchased it in this condition. I actually found when it was sold to the kid I bought it from when it was mint. That was 4 years ago. Very sad how it was treated there was a lot of work done. My son started showing interest again once I...
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    1990 701 superjet $2500

    1990 with a ada head shortened pole riser handlebars. Runs great new battery. Needs turf and some touch up glass spots. Picked it up last year didn't get it out much. Located in Pa next to ny and jersey border.
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    Looking for Factory limited pipe

    1k all screws turn off my 750sx a pin hole on orange pipe
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    Used 750sx factory b pipe limited

    No I don't want to separate it.
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    Used 750sx R&D toploader intake grate

    750 sx toploader intake grate. $125.00
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    Used Factory / r and d waterbox ($150)

    Out of a 750sx. Aftermarket waterbox. It has a R&D sticker but looks like a factory brand waterbox. Worked great with b pipe. $150
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    Used 750sx factory b pipe limited

    Screws turn freely. Missing rubber grommet for between engine and pipe. small pin hole on stinger. Jb welded lasted two seasons so i never got it welded $1250.
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