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  1. Emm

    Freestyle RIP WASTELAND - We lost a member today.

    I love Jesse so much ......just talked to him. We lost a good man today. I hope he has found peace.
  2. Emm

    Freestyle ijsba live

    I say don't bother trying to pull "big" tricks you can't truly pull them off. I would rather see a nice clean routine than someone out there "trying" for 2 minutes. Congrats Derrick!
  3. Emm

    Anyone do crossfit? *video added*

    do it and don't look back. There are some punks in CF.....some elitists I guess you could say. I do realize it isn't the only way to workout but it has been the best for me and I despise working out. My head trainer left our box to work for CF headquarters so we are getting close to doing it...
  4. Emm

    Anyone do crossfit? *video added*

    might as well erase this thread.....thanks to Suzi for ruining a normal topic of conversation ONCE again. and now she is a nutritional expert? damn...that is the best one I have heard in a LONG time.
  5. Emm

    Anyone do crossfit? *video added*

    Ahhhh are the big Suzi. Lover....typical. *yawn*
  6. Emm

    Afghanistan No More Party/Freeride

    I am 98% positive that we will be out of town that weekend. I will double check to make sure.
  7. Emm

    Anyone do crossfit? *video added*

    Awesome!! Keep it up! You been keeping up with the Open that is going on right now? We are both competing in it although we have no chance of winning....I just don't want to come in last...haha! Plus I am hoping to make it through doing the WODs as RX'd. which box did...
  8. Emm

    Anyone do crossfit? *video added*

    I went to Woodstock, GA (home to Ronny Mac) for a Crossfit competition over the weekend to support several guys from my gym. I wasn't able to compete this year due to a high ankle sprain I received about halfway through "Murph" about 5 weeks ago.:Banane36: Ronny snapped a few pics...
  9. Emm

    Other My Fiance said I can get a new Superfreak Badazz, if I lose some weight!

    Congrats.....keep it up!!! I wouldn't worry about BMI either...or the scale really. It is how you look and feel.
  10. Emm

    Official 2011 Daytona Beach can't go thread

    We aren't going either. We are both swamped at work. Going down in a few months when it is warmer and things have calmed down here a little.
  11. Emm


    skinless chicken thighs are CHEAP and taste pretty dang good and are still healthy although they do have a little more fat than chicken breasts. Cook them for a week and them eat them with a cheap, easy side (maybe a sweet potato)
  12. Emm

    Other My Fiance said I can get a new Superfreak Badazz, if I lose some weight!

    Eat Paleo...which would be easy since she is allergic to gluten...she could do it with you.:headbang: It is strict and can be a struggle at first but it leans you out with a quickness. I try not to eat any gluten or dairy unless it is a cheat meal...although I have been slacking lately but I...
  13. Emm

    Kidkornfilms: Daytona Motosurf 2010 Done!!!!

    note to self: Do not drink any shot handed to me by Fishy or WaveGoddess!!!
  14. Emm


    I am making pumpkin turkey chili...completely paleo and zone approved...and the smell is INCREDIBLE!!
  15. Emm

    Sick joke by SFL l

    well we know you won't be posting in the football thread this year.:smoker:
  16. Emm

    Sick joke by SFL l

    looks like it was crap. I don't know why someone didn't think to check on this before hand.
  17. Emm

    Jet skier shot in the back

    It sounded fishy to me at first....but apparently there are witnesses to back her story up. I saw an interview with one of them this morning. Screw Mexico...I wouldn't be anywhere near that border!!! :thumbsdown:
  18. Emm

    Freestyle Roll call for nationals in nashville tn

    too much going on this year....I figure if I am going to go I am going to go on the night I will enjoy it the most..haha!
  19. Emm

    Freestyle Roll call for nationals in nashville tn

    we won't be there until Sunday but give me a shout Keith so we can all hang out! Only coming Sunday way I am missing Shooters....haha!!
  20. Emm

    Freestyle Roll call for nationals in nashville tn

    Johnny Leftly will be there
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