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  1. holjen77

    64x/62t cases

    I never heard back from OP, so if anyone else needs them let me know.
  2. holjen77

    64x/62t cases

    I have a set of 62T single pulse cases. Never blown. Matching. Some corrosion on original paint. I would do $90 is you pay shipping. Let me know if interested. Thanks John
  3. holjen77

    Jetworks CSS Superjet Steering

  4. holjen77

    Riva Groovy Superjet ride plate 1990-2007

    Needs paint and on mount needs repaired. Normal scratches on bottom. Buyer pays actual shipping and fees. $75.
  5. holjen77

    Jetworks CSS Superjet Steering

    Used setup. Includes RRP fat bars. No issues. Nice shape with some very minor paint corrosion on bottom were it sits on the bushing. $200 Buyer pays actual shipping and fees
  6. holjen77


    Looking to get both. Can trade for yamaha stators, flywheels, cdis, carbs, eboxs if that's helps. Prefer the later year stuff from BP.
  7. holjen77

    1994 750SX

    Factory Limited pipe. R&D Mikuni Intake Manifold with Retail Mikuni SBN 44. Aftermarket steering. Aftermarket intake grate. Top deck is original and bottom has been re-sprayed. Pretty clean ski. No issues. Ran it over the 4th holiday weekend. I had ebox open over the winter to replace a couple...
  8. holjen77

    Wave venture gauge display

  9. holjen77

    Wave venture gauge display

    They all bolt up and plug in, but my experience is that if you don't have the right Part Number the speedometers are way off, and we all know they read fast from the factory already. Just putting that out there.
  10. holjen77


    I have a decent set here. $80.
  11. holjen77

    750SX Hood Hold

    Any options for these when they break? Looks like it's glued on. It shows on schematics, but doesn't show a part number or availability.
  12. holjen77

    Factory Pipe 61X Manifold Only

    Just manifold. Prefer actual FP brand.
  13. holjen77

    Yamaha 701cc 62T Cylinder $70 Shipped

    Shipping included to lower 48. Standard bore. Some corrosion around exhaust and head gasket area. All threads good. Needs a bore.
  14. holjen77


    Looking like it's gonna get parted. Surprising, but my geographical location (AKA, middle of nowhere and close to nothing) makes it difficult. Figure $150 cases. $250 for electronics. $125 for carbs and intake mani. And $125 for top end with pistons. I will hang on to the crank. Buyers pay...
  15. holjen77


  16. holjen77


    I will put it on a pallet, but you would have to take care of the shipping details. Let me know either way. Thanks John
  17. holjen77


    Seeing if there is any interest this whole before I part it out. It has 150/152psi. Original paint is like new. Carbs look new, still have factory grease on linkage. Exhaust and electronics included. It's almost too nice to pull apart. If I wasn't a 61X guy I would just keep it. Had 131 hours...
  18. holjen77

    Kawasaki 650SX Part Out Ocean Pro

    All parts from 1991 Kawi 650SX. Ocean Pro deflector and steering nozzle. Very nice with a little minor corrosion. Hard to find. $400. Ocean pro ride plate. Decent shape. $75. Stock exhaust with silver head pipe. $190. Clean pump with aftermarket prop. Couple dings in veins. Good wear ring with...
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