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    Spex Lite EPP beads for refoaming

    That's definitely a concern I have. I had originally planned on grafting the tray back in but I've since got a set of Tigercraft footholds, so now I plan on widening the tray. I wasn't sure how tight I could get the beads packed in there and if they'd offer a similar support to foam. The...
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    3D Printing Jetski Parts

    Adding to this, I made a battery tray for a SNSJ to fit a NOCO NLP9. Change the .pdf file to a .stl file. You need a different battery strap though. It's a Harley Davidson strap that fit. They were cheap and everywhere so I bought a bunch till I found one that fit. Strap is P/N: 66105-77. I only...
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    Spex Lite EPP beads for refoaming

    I ordered them and got 'em in already. I'm not sure if 56L is gonna be enough to fill everything but we'll see once I get down to it. They're really static-y but they said static spray will calm them down. They're a bit squishy and not too firm but I think you can probably really pack them in...
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    Spex Lite EPP beads for refoaming

    What's the volume needed to refoam a SJ? I think I'll order these up and try them.
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    Spex Lite EPP beads for refoaming

    I'm in the process of cutting up my tray to re-foam and I've been reading through all the threads looking for options. EPP sounds like the ticket and I found a company selling EPP beads. Spex Lite 5524B EPP beads. Has anyone tried these yet? Think they'd work? Price is $125 for 56 liters...
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    Used Solas Mag 144 pump setup

    What pitch is the prop?
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    Rrp trim with flow guard cable and lever $500

    Guess I need to get a bigger pump lol. GLWS
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    SOLD Coffman Rocket for Superjet (Broken Mount) $650 Shipped

    SOLD Got a Coffman Rocket off my '94 SNSJ. Swapped it out for a Factory Mod when the bracket broke. Got the manifold bolts, mounting bolts, even the exhaust hose that goes to the waterbox. Only thing wrong is the steel mounting bracket is cracked. Pipe is in decent shape otherwise. $650 shipped...
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    SOLD Yamaha 701 / 760 Shark Fab Girdled Head Shell & Hardware

    I've got a Shark Fab girdled head shell and hardware off my SNSJ. I kept the domes for my new head. One of the case studs and one of the bolts threads are a little banged up. It might be possible to thread chase them and clean them up. The head was on the ski when I bought it and I've ridden...
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    TBM pump cone for sale

    This for a Yamaha or Kawi pump?
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    TBM Billet 62T Flywheel

    Interested, PM Sent
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