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  1. Kohldanielzimmer

    Rickter XFR 23 SJ package

    Where are you located?
  2. Kohldanielzimmer

    64x/62t cases

    Good seller^
  3. Kohldanielzimmer

    SN exhaust hose
  4. Kohldanielzimmer

    Billet strap hook install—epoxy? Buy from JetManiac to bolt down your strap hooks. Install with epoxy or plexus
  5. Kohldanielzimmer

    New Ski Shipping Option!

    Oh well. I just saved 8000$ lol
  6. Kohldanielzimmer

    New Ski Shipping Option!

    I was looking at having a ski sent from Connecticut to CA. Thanks for posting. I will have to connect with Nancy.
  7. Kohldanielzimmer

    Yamasaki 701SX

    I’d like to do a conversion(701 in a 550 hull) but I want to be able to use OEM superjet or Yamaha couch mounts. Are there any kits that use Yamaha mounts?
  8. Kohldanielzimmer

    In other news

    So when is the freeride here again?
  9. Kohldanielzimmer

    Where's the best place to buy or have a crank rebuilt?

    Didn’t know. that’s cool!
  10. Kohldanielzimmer

    Where's the best place to buy or have a crank rebuilt?

    I think they are like 1200. So 20% off is like 960 plus tax. Still steep. I’d go competitive if I was looking for something on par with OEM. I have hard good things about c57 (Chris steenbock I think is his name) but I have no personal experience.
  11. Kohldanielzimmer

    Where's the best place to buy or have a crank rebuilt?

    Best is somewhat subjective as you have to weigh up front cost vs long term reliability. I have multiple Competitive crankshafts (Jeff seebold built with oem webs, ADR rods, and japanese bearings). They are around 650. I also have an SBT in a JetManiac 718 that’s been going for nearly 10...
  12. Kohldanielzimmer

    In other news

    This is CA fisherpeople PLEASE! :p
  13. Kohldanielzimmer

    In other news

    Impressed you got some media attention. Good work. Wish there was enough monetary support to bring legal action (or threat thereof) because that or some good old boys connections are probably the only solution.
  14. Kohldanielzimmer

    Wifeys SN Superjet custom paint

    My square searches (chine walk) at medium low speed. You can quiet it down a lot by using body input to get the hull to stay hooked on one side. Very nice build.
  15. Kohldanielzimmer

    1990 Squarenose midshaft housing question

    You can’t just mount up a 94-2020 midshaft assembly to a 90-93 squarenose hull. The whole housing is larger (on the later model) so only 2 of the 3 inserts would align for the bolts. I highly doubt they put in a new insert in the bulkhead.
  16. Kohldanielzimmer

    Should I buy an sxr1100 swap?

    4 stroke hull with an 1100? Maybe okay for a cruiser but this set will do nothing spectacularly.
  17. Kohldanielzimmer

    Here we go… again… another Freak re-build

    Very presentable superfreak. Top notch work amigo. Won’t consider just running a hose to avoid external pumps or too much risk of chafing?
  18. Kohldanielzimmer

    Needing start/stop switch
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