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  1. hillbilly550

    SXR GroupK big bore sxr.. what next?

    I am real happy with my group k hammer kit. Big bore with wet pipe. You should get your cylinders sleeved per his recommendations for the kit.
  2. hillbilly550

    Freestyle Mark Gomez in the pool

    LOL, Just saw Gomez and the footage of him doing backies in the pool @ Daytona on Ridiculousness. Makes me smile every time I see that video!
  3. hillbilly550

    Custom/Hybrid Vengance hull?

    Did anything ever materialize with the vengance hull? Was looking the other day and could not find anything new.
  4. hillbilly550

    2013 Rage Composite Works Lake Erie Freeride Picture thread

    Awesome pics, Had a great time. Thanks putting on a great ride. The brawler is awesome, thanks for letting me take it out for a rip. I had to put my sxr away after because i was left wanting. I guess I need to put new reg numbers on my 550. :-)
  5. hillbilly550

    SXR Sxr to aftermarket hull/ sj

    I love my sxr based ROK.
  6. hillbilly550

    300/440/550 1990 550 piston port

    Nice job. The wider tray has to be nice. I love the 80s neon colors. If you haven't rebuilt the carb I would start there on the drivability issue. Also make sure there is no water in the tank.
  7. hillbilly550

    Custom/Hybrid Waterdawg Kustomz ROK

    It's less squirly since I shortened the pole, but it does take some getting used to. Fun hull. Cart tank in mine, was using stupid amounts of fuel but found it had carb issues, should be better now but haven't had time to ride and do final tune. Have fun w/ it
  8. hillbilly550

    Custom/Hybrid ping pong ball thread!

    Get at it man, and wear those gloves. dont end up in the hospital for 4 days like my stupid azz. Hope to ride with you guys soon.
  9. hillbilly550

    room at host hotel

    Well it looks like my business is going to keep me from attending the event. I have a room reserved at the host hotel if anyone wants it we can transfer it. Im getting ready to call the hotel later today. Let me know if anyone wants it. bummed about not going,,, but happy to be busy at...
  10. hillbilly550

    300/440/550 Advice needed!! 550/650 conversion or pro mod 750?

    Post some pics of the 750, inside and out.... You will get used to the bigger ski. You just need to ride it more. I believe you will be happier on the 750 then the 550 long term. If you dont have time to work on it find a good shop to work on it and go from there.
  11. hillbilly550

    300/440/550 Advice needed!! 550/650 conversion or pro mod 750?

    There is no such thing as a fast 550.... At least not a reliable one. I would fix the 750. Or sell them both and buy a better, more modern platform for what you want to do on the water. That 750 needs to run race gas btw. In the end it only matters that YOU are happy with what YOU are...
  12. hillbilly550

    Freestyle Do you guys want to scale your skis at wave daze?

    320lbs will still be cool with me. My sxr feels like it will weigh in at 500 in comparison..... So I'll be fine w/ 320 ;) It dosent really matter what it weighs in at as I would like to know weight for loading purposes. I don't even know if it's really a 69 lbs hull, but that is what the...
  13. hillbilly550

    Honey....I shrunk the SXR!!!

    On a better note, when will the vengeance be for sale to the public. The photo of it in ProRider i received yesterday looks good.
  14. hillbilly550

    wavedaze 2012 roll call

    I reserved my room a while ago. Unless there is a catastrophe at the shop I will be there. I have to make up for not riding in Daytona
  15. hillbilly550

    Freestyle Do you guys want to scale your skis at wave daze?

    My sxr will be in the running for heaviest. Def interested in seeing what the ROK weighs in at rtr. It's like night and day riding and moving those skis around.
  16. hillbilly550

    Surfriding Special Buy Gecko helmets at Wavedaze

    I'll take the black & blue one
  17. hillbilly550

    SXR Sxr handle pole

    I run the x-metal adjustable on my SXR and I love it. I have the RRP billet on my ROK and I'm very happy with it now that it is installed and adjusted correctly. I can't comment on the others as I've never run them but both I have transfer well from ski to ski and are fully adjustable to how...
  18. hillbilly550

    SXR Stock Pump Question

    You are correct!!! Open up the existing line and go up a size on the fittings it will be twice the coolant. My big bore sxr has been this way for years with 0 problems. If there is enough meat on the brass fittings you can drill them out to increase flow. I just went to the next size and...
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