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  1. fx1mark

    Parts Parts and More Parts

    What head are the domes for? Where in Florida for local pick up?
  2. fx1mark

    Blaster prop

    Both of those impellers are good impellers. I doubt you would see much improvement making any of those changes unless your impellers are damaged. Try swapping the superjet impeller into the blaster and see what you think.
  3. fx1mark

    Fuel problem

    Fuel tank check valve. Then the screen filter in the fuel pump.
  4. fx1mark

    Superjet new paintjob complete time lapse

    Looks good but I want to see it with the hood and handlepole on the hull.
  5. fx1mark

    Combo Hitch Hauler/ Beach Cart Design - Please Critique My Plans

    Here's the thickness of the steel on my motorcycle hitch hauler. Since you are building it custom, I would make the steel insterted into the reciever the full depth of the reciever for maximum strength.
  6. fx1mark

    Combo Hitch Hauler/ Beach Cart Design - Please Critique My Plans

    A beach cart loads the ski lengthwise and it's balanced so you are only lifting a small percentage of the weight of the ski. The way yours is designed you will have all of the weight of the ski plus all of the heavy steel you need for the hitch mount on the end you are lifting. You would need to...
  7. fx1mark

    ATP Closing/retiring

    I see Air time has thier website back up with sale prices.
  8. fx1mark

    Riva Waterbox?

    Yep, No performance gain, it's pretty much an aluminum oem copy that won't blow up.
  9. fx1mark

    Super Jet 1992 Yamaha SJ No Spark

    Did you clean the grounds and any corroded connections? I would do that first.
  10. fx1mark

    Looking for blaster b pipe chamber..

    That's one of the problems. The Factory pipe limited chamber has two mount points, one to the head and one to the gas tank mount. Waveblaster factory pipe chambers are getting hard to find and they are not cheap. You can ask on the waveblaster facebook group for a chamber and then sell yours or...
  11. fx1mark

    Looking for blaster b pipe chamber..

    You might want to post a picture of what you have. A superjet chamber can be made to work if you can't find one for a blaster. You need to make a pipe that routes the chamber end to the waterbox in.
  12. fx1mark

    Wave blaster 1 help

    That's what the leak down test is for. You have to seal off the intake and exhaust and put a small amount of air pressure into the motor. If you have a leak then you start searching for the leak. Did you watch the video posted above?
  13. fx1mark

    my sj hit rev limit so early

    I posted a link to the thread in my post.
  14. fx1mark

    my sj hit rev limit so early

    I would first make sure youre pump is functioning correctly. Are you running a tach? I would want to see what my rpm's are doing. You could also look at modifying your stock cdi.
  15. fx1mark

    96 B2 with 1200

    Google is your friend. There are some detailed build threads available. EDIT: sorry I missed that this was for a B2.
  16. fx1mark

    Yamaha waveraider 1100 aft thruhull

    Looks like just standard bow eye's would work. You just need to measure the hole width and depth to make sure you get some that fit.
  17. fx1mark

    Super Jet Bpipe head pipe paint?

    How much does it cost to have a pipe done?
  18. fx1mark

    Ski Tuning

    This may help.
  19. fx1mark

    looking to buy a superfly seat or stock seat

    A guy named Simon Curwood on facebook makes superfly seats. He's in the Miami area.
  20. fx1mark


    And gas stations losing revenue from not selling gas plus all of the aftermarket performance companies, engine ,exhaust. The future is not bright for those companies. Borla has a new sound system to install on electric cars but it won't sell enough of those to keep them alive long term...
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