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    2012 Super Jet Taking on Water

    run it strapped to the trailer in the water with the hood off. should be pretty obvious where your issues are
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    Elemental Covers

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    Super Jet 701cc head gasket

    no need to replace unless there is an issue
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    Threebond 1184 vs 1211

    i just dispense it right from the tube to the cases and use my finger to spread it out if needed. i have never tried rolling it.
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    Threebond 1184 vs 1211

    I only use 1184. i don't know who started using 1211 for case sealant as it is not designed for that application. 1184 does tack up quickly but if u prep your assembly you have time. i assemble the crank in the top half of the cases with seals. then apply a thin layer of 1184 and drop the...
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    Repair help

    i have taken a bunch of fittings out of actually new pipes and the threads look like that. i dont think they tap deep enough and then just mash the fittings in
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    Repair help

    the chamber is 1/8 npt. almost all the powerfactors i have taken the fittings out of have mangled up threads. chase it with a 1/8 npt tap and u should be ok. the tank shoudl be the same thread size.
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    62t zeeltronic installation

    the grey wire is tachometer output and the brown is a map switch. both are not needed if you do not wish to use these functions. ( most people do not) you need to add an inline fuse to the red wire to power the zeel. follow the colors on the wiring diagram for the rest of the wires
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    Solas 148 pump for sale

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    What could cause case sealant failure on almost new PV motor?

    i prefer 1184 to 1211. 1184 is designed for case sealing.
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    What pitch for superjet 760 this would be a nice upgrade for you
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    What could cause case sealant failure on almost new PV motor?

    damage to the cases prior to assembly, improper sealant used, or insufficient coverage of sealant is really the only way
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    Solas 148 pump for sale

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    powerfactor pipe for sale

    1 season old, clean pipe, no issues. Chamber, manifold, waterbox, all couuplers and clamps included as well as used foam blocks. $1400 - will trade towards 155 trim setups also
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    Solas 148 pump for sale

    Will also trade for 155 trim setups
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    Muikuni SBN 44s FOR SALE

    very nice aftermarket SBN 44s (not from a yamaha couch). Flame arrestor adapters, throttle wheel, primer fittings and shaft coupler inchluded. $325
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    Solas 148 pump for sale

    Like new solas 148 mag pump and driveshaft. no wear on splines. bearings are mint, was running oil not grease. nice used skat prop for ported 701 included. $1100 OBO
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    my sj hit rev limit so early

    is it actually hitting rev limiter or is the temp sensor wire (pink wire) grounded causing it to go to limp?
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    hey Dylan i have a mint set of aftermarket 44s - not oem yamaha 44s
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