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    Other Crypto

    I got out when bitcoin was still good, and dogecoin was skyrocketing. I have a few hundred spread over random coins, but I don’t think I can do any major investments.
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    Best of Craigslist

    Local to me too…. Wonder if he was the guy trying to sell a sxs for $60k because it has raced the baja. Same style ad, same location…
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    Emtb opinions

    I agree on the hub motors, they are not an option for me. Frame mounted seems to be the only way higher end bikes have gone.
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    Emtb opinions

    I read your review on the sur-ron. It’s too heavy for my bike rack, when the toy hauler is full… and I don’t think the kids “shotgun” seat will fit the frame. But they are a cool idea.
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    Emtb opinions

    So I’ve been researching bikes for a while. Question for people, on a full suspension ebike, which motor would be my best option, between Bosch, shamino, or Yamaha. Has anyone rode a haibike, particularly the full 7.0? I have an option on a low mileage fullseven 7.0 lt for a very reasonable...
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    Cheapest "good enough" TIG welder?

    I have the Vulcan 205, tig only machine at home and like it way more than the Lincoln and Miller machines we have at work. I can’t remember the company, but someone makes affordable torches for it if you need flex, thumb controls or longer leads, etc… consumables are average priced, and harbor...
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    Battery Lesson of The Day lol

    I know in regular batteries not sure about powersports, napas high end, oreillys high end, and advance (cq) are all made by East Penn manufacturing (aka deka). If you see anything about made in the USA, it's probably east Penn's stuff. If it says anything about Pennsylvania on it it is 100%...
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    Other Milwaukee M18 - Now the Milwaukee Tool thread

    I got some m12 home depot daily deals today, but was looking for the m18 grinder and light you picked up. And 12ah batteries for my 1" drive impact.
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    Other Milwaukee M18 - Now the Milwaukee Tool thread

    Are there any good mikwaukee black friday deals you guys have come across this year? Home depots deals have been pretty weak...
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    Good tires cheap...

    +1 on the cooper's. I buy all my tires from but they might only be west coast?
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    Help identifying what's been done.

    Yes, it has a larger bolt pattern.
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    Chev Ford RAM

    The fleet we run has a mix of all of the big 3 makers. We work on the ram 1500s the most, usually with camshaft/ solenoid issues. The new ford's seem to be ok, but they change body style, or engine pretty much every year. Chevy seems to stick with the tried and true, and thenleast problems, or...
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    Sprained ankle

    Long story short, fell off a ladder last September and severely sprained my right ankle. Went to the doctor took x-rays and said no bone damage, just ligament. Wore the boot (as best I could) for 4 or so weeks. It's bothered me when I roll it, or step funny, but have been pretty careful. The...
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    Positive Tool Experiences

    If you don't have a tight area check out the Lock LocknLube ends. They are expensive, but usually come with one rebuild kit. If you use it occasionally it should last you a lifetime... I also recommend any Lincoln ends if you need weird grease adapters.
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    Career out of High school

    Just in time for hurricane season. We all live for our storm season in the northwest. Except this weird heat wave power outage crap we are dealing with. Good luck, soak in all the knowledge and figure out which part of the field you like and get that apprenticeship!
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    Career out of High school

    Hope you get the job! I like working for a public utility. I agree the contract work is for the people that want to make money, I hear our contractor guys making about $300k plus. Our lineman who are home (usually) are making about $250k with a great pension. I'm just a lowsy mechanic... (lots...
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    Rv batteries

    What solar panels are your buying that are that cheap? I might have to do my shed with those too...
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    Rv batteries

    I priced Battleborns setup with a xantrex inverter to run the 120v side on battery and the charger to convert over and $4k is just not worth it to me... solar panels are in the works, I have the mounts designed, just need the time to build it all.
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    Rv batteries

    That's the way I've been leaning since we bought the thing new. I tried getting the dealer to do it, but they said they couldn't, but have seen lots of them converted. Two years almost to the day, and my batteries last me almost a day now... Thanks for the reply.
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    Rv batteries

    It's time to replace the batteries in my toy hauler, and was wondering what people think is the best option (besides lithium)? We camp for about a week without power two to three times a year, and usually do three day weekends every couple weeks. I don't want lithium, not only the price but all...
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