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  1. Mdavies_02

    GTA Jet Pilots Revival Thread

    Pretty sure that ride has gone offline. Think the only one we've done consistently in the past years is the Wasaga Freeride.
  2. Mdavies_02

    GTA Jet Pilots Revival Thread

    Its been a year. Hey ya folks.
  3. Mdavies_02

    Super Jet WHAT Octane!?

    I'm always shocked when people revive old threads. Just coming up on 8 years since last post and someone chimes in. Incredible. I miss this place.
  4. Mdavies_02

    Freestyle Hot Tub!

    Please post up a new video. -19*C this morning and need some good thoughts.
  5. Mdavies_02

    Freestyle Hot Tub!

    That seat is beyond sketchy. Cant wait to see a proper run of this thing. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Mdavies_02

    Will heat from resin damage finish....

    Off topic but are these common? I've haven't seen one before but it seems like a simple way to protect a ski.
  7. Mdavies_02

    Lose weight, build muscle with a great program

    I wasn't overweight by any means but I managed to lose 35lbs just to help backflip a 701 in my Superfreak back in the day. Went from 190 to 155 over a 6month period by just cutting down the intake. Water was my best friend. Whenever I was hungry, just drank more fluids. Might not have been the...
  8. Mdavies_02

    Other 61X Powered Mini Jet Boat

    Rebuild the 701, a/m cdi like an MSD enhancer, and maybe get a SBT Wear ring to protect your pump. Having a replaceable wear ring in those conditions would be extremely beneficial. Has anyone ever measured how much further a Waveblaster B Pipe or similar fits to stock? A pipe would make that...
  9. Mdavies_02

    what octane gas?

    I'd firm your getting 185psi and if it was me I'd be fine on 90.
  10. Mdavies_02

    Question on used gas

    How old is this used gas?
  11. Mdavies_02

    Strange switch

    Epic was my guess
  12. Mdavies_02

    2018 Rickter Xfs Full Carbon Hull

    Bailed on the X two days after posting. Guessing he sold locally
  13. Mdavies_02

    2012 Waterdawg Rok

    Off memory, the ROK was a rec ski while the ROKR was freestyle based and much shorter.
  14. Mdavies_02

    My 90 650sx handles better than a superjet, why!!!?

    I always referred to mine as ridding a cork, however, My riding ability improved alot over the last 14 years. I still want to get my hands on a clean stock 550sx or Fx1. I always felt like I was riding a rocket on those. So sleek. So tipsy.
  15. Mdavies_02

    Data recovery on Android Phone.

    You will have much better luck reaching out on dedicated forums for data recovery/android tech. This forum is meant for standup jetskis and a active member posted 2 years ago and received very little help. Best of luck - Cheers
  16. Mdavies_02

    Power Factor Exhaust, Install

    I was told to use 3M Velco - It makes removal and re installation so much easier.
  17. Mdavies_02

    I need advice on fuel type for DASA motor

    I cannot speak for your engine, however in my similar PHP898 +4mm stroker with 185psi I run 91/93/94 depending where I am. Ethanol free if its within a half hour drive. Best of luck.
  18. Mdavies_02

    Freshen up engine before selling or not?

    You should make this thread a poll. I personally would pay more for an engine refreshed from a dealer. Best of luck
  19. Mdavies_02

    Repairing Skat Trak Mag 144

    As per site rules you must post a price for your services :) Nice work.
  20. Mdavies_02

    What the f**k has happened to this country?

    Ditto for here in Canada. Add in a brutal government with harsh covid measures, overreaching control, and a housing market that doubles in 16 months. Glad the wife and I have a decent house but the idea of upgrading is impossible. Only thing left to do is buy what land you can afford and build new.
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