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  1. JC-SuperJet

    Tyron Motzouris Medical Bills

    His Brother Tyron suffered severe Head Trauma after a fellow Racer ran him over by accident. The stakes are very high in the GP Ski Class...respect the power and speed of these GP Skis...
  2. JC-SuperJet

    10mil crank

    What Engine do you have with a 10 mil Crank, kronescharles ?
  3. JC-SuperJet

    Square nose issues

    Might be Lean. Open the Low Speed Screw(s) a 1/4 turn out. See if that helps.
  4. JC-SuperJet

    WTB-- newer Kommander GP1 with the 1500

    @Super7 What's the Top Speed on that Beast? How fast can you turn that Missile? What are the maximim G's you've seen/felt in a turn? Can you do a decent 10-Lap Moto yet? How long did it take you to build up the strength and stamina needed to Pilot the GP1? How many recovery days do you need...
  5. JC-SuperJet

    SN Superjet fix and improve build

    Measure the pop-off pressure, then look-up your Spring in the Mikuni Chart along the 1.5 Needle Valve Size row. You need to do the Pop-off tests anyway to check for leaks and to know what it is. Stock OEM Jets are #70 and #135 for Sea Level. Factory Pipe Type 4 Dry Pipe Jets are #75 and #140...
  6. JC-SuperJet

    Super Jet 701 hesitation

    Definitely need two new Regulator Diaphragms because the one shown is stretched, deformed and has a tear. The #135 Main Jets are good. The Black 80 gram Spring is good too as long as it's paired with a 1.5 Needle Valve Body. What are the Pliot Jet sizes? What is the Needle Valve Body size...
  7. JC-SuperJet

    Pump Install Issue on SJ

    Flat aginst Hull, Groove fits on Pump Flange.
  8. JC-SuperJet

    Pump Install Issue on SJ

    Make sure the Pump Seal is in the correct orientation. Flat versus Groove side...
  9. JC-SuperJet

    Super Jet 701 hesitation

    If the problem happened soon after that Shop rebuilt the Carburetors, then most likely the problem is rooted in the Carbs. They should not have changed any of the Jets. If the Needle Valves were replaced, thay should have used the same Size. It's possible that the Shop used inferior Carb...
  10. JC-SuperJet

    Weeks Brothers Watersports Parts

    Got my Yamaha Cylinder Protector this week. Fits like a glove. Got it mainly for my DASA 850 Block that will be shipped soon for a Fresh Top End job and Pistons. The Protector Sleeve Holes are 100 mm diameter and 30 mm deep. Even has Holes to fit the Locating Pins. Photos show Protector on a...
  11. JC-SuperJet

    Super Jet 701 hesitation

    What size Carburetors? What are the Low (Pilot) and High (Main) Jet sizes? Needle Valve Size? Spring? What are the Carb Low and High Speed Adjustment Screw settings? What was measured for Pop-off pressure? Did the Needle Valve seal tight? Any bubbling or fizzing prior to pop? Per Mikuni...
  12. JC-SuperJet

    760 Crankshaft differences?

    Guessing that it has more to do with Lubrication efficiency. The Big End Bearing gets lubricated via Oil running down the Piston Rod to the Orifice and pressurized Premix flowing thru the Big End Lubrication orifices. The Slot shape would seem to provide more Oil than the smaller Round Hole...
  13. JC-SuperJet


    But the plan is to drastically "reduce" the amount of drivers/cars so that many more Power Plants will not be necessary, because that many EV's are not "Sustainable." Dead Men don't drive... And the Globalists are planning to pack the Living Working Class into "15-Minute (Walking) Cities"...
  14. JC-SuperJet


    " India has no coal, no oil and no natural gas" This is False. India does in fact have Coal Mines on Land and Offshore Oil Platforms in the Bay of Bengal. I know because I was offered a job to work Offshore India in the Bay of Bengal, for Oil & Gas Production. India does not produce enough of...
  15. JC-SuperJet


    So which Energy-consuming Method will be used to produce the Hydrogen that will finally power the Engine? By Electrolysis which requires Electricity? By Coal or Gas conversion? By slow ineffcient Biological means? Putting Lipstick on a Pig. Just a glorified long Exhaust Tail Pipe. The Energy...
  16. JC-SuperJet

    2011 Superjet Defoam, RRP Adjustable Footholds Install, and Engine Mods

    What is the Max RPM now? How many Total Hours to re-do the Tray, start to finish?
  17. JC-SuperJet

    FX-1 FX-1 144mm trim

    Maybe the OEM Aluminum Ride Plate can be coated with Galvanizing Zinc -based paint or Zinc Anodes can be attached to the top of the Ride Plate...
  18. JC-SuperJet

    PWC Today down for third day in a row

    They are "Optimizing the System" :p
  19. JC-SuperJet

    DASA 1200 burning up orings

    The Stator Bolt Hole Case Threads are probably mangled/stripped by now. Happens when the Bolts vibrate out under a fatiguing Load. You can either use a Permanent-type Thread Lock or repair the Hole Threads. I've used this type of Thread Lock on a Flywheel Bolt that kept backing out because the...
  20. JC-SuperJet

    X2 immediately sinking when I put in water

    X-2s are semi-submersibles anyway :p I believe there is a Drain Line at the Bulkhead that needs to be capped...
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