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    Emtb opinions

    So I’ve been researching bikes for a while. Question for people, on a full suspension ebike, which motor would be my best option, between Bosch, shamino, or Yamaha. Has anyone rode a haibike, particularly the full 7.0? I have an option on a low mileage fullseven 7.0 lt for a very reasonable...
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    Sprained ankle

    Long story short, fell off a ladder last September and severely sprained my right ankle. Went to the doctor took x-rays and said no bone damage, just ligament. Wore the boot (as best I could) for 4 or so weeks. It's bothered me when I roll it, or step funny, but have been pretty careful. The...
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    Rv batteries

    It's time to replace the batteries in my toy hauler, and was wondering what people think is the best option (besides lithium)? We camp for about a week without power two to three times a year, and usually do three day weekends every couple weeks. I don't want lithium, not only the price but all...
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    Stacyc escooter for kids

    Has anyone bought their little one a stacyc e strider for their kids? I am hesitant to spend all the money on one if they suck, or the kids don't really use them.
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    CNC plasma table

    Anyone have a CNC plasma table? I bought a langmuir systems crossfire. So far it's been fun, and done everything I have needed it for. Wondering if fusion 360 is the best option for cad/can programming or what are other people using? Also, any good or fun projects that have been completed?
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    Bought a used trim system from him. Easy to deal with, great price, fast shipping. Everything was exactly as described. Couldn't ask for a better transaction!
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    Wtb gp1200 pump

    Looking to buy OEM 1997 gp1200 155mm pump with reduction nozzle and steering nozzle and shaft. Let me know what you got. Text is best (425)760-1494. Chad
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    550sx electtical

    I have a 1993 js550sx with the reed engine. A few years back it lost spark, so I bought another ski and never got back to fixing this. I know am on a mission to get it running. I cut back the plug wires and still no spark. So I went the cheap route and bought a ebox and stator off Craigslist...
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    62t/61x bb 85.5mm

    I was wondering if anyone had answers for me on what I got in my engine. I bought this engine that is a 61x with big bore sleeves, and a 62t bottom end. The engine was a "thrust" 771 build. Thrust won't answer my questions so here they go.... I called wiseco to see if I could get 86mm pistons...
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