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  1. gtoking1972

    2016 Daytona Swap Meet Thread

    Have an EPIC Ignition gen 1 I d like to sell or trade for an MSD enhancer. Will be in Daytona from Fri-Sun. Please PM if interested.
  2. gtoking1972

    Engine bay paint?

    Regular primer and a single stage enamel out of an HVLP gun for me. Paint has held up great with no peeling or anything for the last 4 years.
  3. gtoking1972

    Need a SN Pole

    Anyone coming that has a spare SN pole for sale cheap? Cracked mine pretty bad dont think it will make it through the weekend.
  4. gtoking1972

    Skat or Solas Mag Identification Help

    Thanks John for the recommendation!
  5. gtoking1972

    Skat or Solas Mag Identification Help

    Thanks guys. Was hoping for the Skat but oh well, still got a heck of a deal on ski and some free corrosion.
  6. gtoking1972

    Skat or Solas Mag Identification Help

    Picked up a ski with a 12 vane mag. No markings on the pump I can find. Does Solas or Skat stamp their name anywhere or what are the tale tale signs between the two? I can post up pictures later if needed. Thanks in advance.
  7. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Some more pics of it.
  8. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Yeah and thats why I posted it up to see if anyone could identify it for sure. I don't want anything to do with that hull if its from the Oregon area. I havent seen it in person yet but from what I have been told its pretty easy to tell from the build quality just by looking at it.
  9. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Looks pretty similar @yamanube. Hows the quality of it and any idea on how "lightweight" it really is?
  10. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Anyone know what the weight of a pre-freak or leg drag hull is approximately? Guy said he can pick up the hull without the hood with 1 hand. So hes either really strong or its pretty light. I did notice that it doesn't appear to have the battery box indentations either.
  11. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Definitely looks like the Joe Kenney hood after some research. @jetx I thought it could be leg drag hull but I couldn't find any pictures of one so I have nothing to compare it to but it may be impossible to identify if it has a different hood. Hopefully @Aircraftsalz and @McDog may have some...
  12. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Having a hard time concentrating to see the differences
  13. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    I cant seem to pinpoint it to Wamiltons the hood looks different. No inserts for motor or pump. Anyone have a picture of a gen 1 freak?
  14. gtoking1972

    Who made this hull?

    Hey guys found a local post for a lightweight carbon/glass superjet based hull for sale. Any idea from the pics who it might be made by or if its even an AM hull? Guy knows nothing about it and the pictures don't reveal much. Thanks
  15. gtoking1972

    Roll Call for Ozark Invasion- Saturday June 21, 2014

    That's it 8 people this year!?
  16. gtoking1972

    Super Jet Igni Pro for Superjet

    Anyone have a review yet?
  17. gtoking1972

    Super Jet new ignition?

    I am curious to hear a report on it as well
  18. gtoking1972

    Freestyle Wearing a helmet with your contacts

    Thanks for the recommendation. I think I go to a good eye doc, I may have to shop for a new one haha
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