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  1. Ducky

    Ski For Sale: -7 Trinity Matrix, XS900, PFP and all the other goodies

    Selling my one off -7 Trinity Matrix with bolt-on 3 inch carbon hull extensions and extended ride plate. I love this ski, and you can do everything you want with it, but I am looking to simply my life and build a garage (working in a carport sucks!). I bought this ski in December, and completely...
  2. Ducky

    Shaking a starter

    Random question, but I have like 3 OEM yamaha starters and when I shake them like a shake weight, they seem like that have something loose inside of them. Like the motor or something is able to move forward and backward. Is that normal? or are all of my starters junk?
  3. Ducky

    Want to Buy WTB: 148 Trim System

    Looking for a nice 148 trim system. Not looking for any CATS trim...I have that but would like to run something a little more fancy! Let me know what ya got! Thanks! Matt
  4. Ducky

    SOLD OEM Dual 44s with OEM Speedplate Manifold and OEM Flame Arrestor

    Selling a few things I currently have no use for. 1) SOLD! clean set of dual 44s, with oem speedplate intake and oem flame arrestor setup. Carbs are currently jetted at 140hi, 120low, 1.5N/S with 95 gram spring. One of the carb diaphragms has a little corrosion on it. Still useable, but full...
  5. Ducky

    WTB: Cold Fusion Flywheel Lock

    Looking for a Cold Fusion Flywheel Lock Tool for Yamahas. PM me or text/call me at 607-341-3571. Thanks! Matt
  6. Ducky

    Xmetal Pole and Steering

    Selling an xmetal pole and steering. The pole was broken, but I had it repaired by a shop that builds gnarly off-road rigs. It is a fixed length pole that is ~38 inches pivot to pivot. I was recently running the steering, but I would get a rebuild kit for it. Asking $400 + shipping. PM me or...
  7. Ducky

    SOLD 155 OEM Pump Kit for Superjet/AM Hull

    Selling an OEM 155 pump kit for Superjet/AM Hull. This kit includes: - Brand New SNL Industries Driveshaft (Superjet Length that will work with many AM hulls) - Brand New Koyo Bearings - Pump Stator (seal installed) - Wear Ring (minor sand scratching, normal) - Reduction Nozzle (I believe this...
  8. Ducky

    For Trade B Pipe for Powerfactor Pipe

    Looking to trade my nice B pipe for your Powerfactor pipe or possibly other lay down pipe. I can add cash on my end if necessary. PM me or text/call me at 607-341-3571 Thanks! Matt
  9. Ducky

    Converting JPEG to Vector File - Help

    Can anyone convert this JPEG to a Vector file for me? Im trying to have some graphics designed and printed for my Tom21 FX1 build.
  10. Ducky

    Ducky's new MTB!

    Picked up my new ride yesterday.....been a long time coming but I finally pulled the trigger! It is a 2017 Kona Honzo AL/DL. I went with a hardtail because ive never owned a full suspension bike, or legit mountain bike for that matter, and I raced BMX for quite a long time, so this gets me...
  11. Ducky

    Xmetal Steering Rebuild Kit?

    I have an Xmetal steering setup that needs a full rebuild kit. Does anyone know if this would use the same type of kit as an rrp steering or umi steering? Anyone have a link to these parts? I tried searching, but didnt find anything specific to xmetal steering. Thanks! Matt
  12. Ducky

    WE ARE BEING HACKED!!! the dems, or ISIS. I dunno. Wtf is going on. Trump or treat b*tches!
  13. Ducky

    Hink320 - Polar Composites - A++

    I picked up a Carbon Fiber Pole and Steering setup from @hink320 at Polar Composites and I love it! Chad is a super guy to work with, and was always available to answer questions. He was also very patient with me in addressing any custom touches I wanted to add to my pole setup. The pole is...
  14. Ducky

    Chris @ EZ- SKI A+ Seller

    I bought a v2 Hitch Hauler from @CHRIS@EZ-SKI and it is very, very nice! He was super easy to work with, and always available to answer questions and keep me updated. If you are looking for a hitch hauler, I would definitely recommend hitting up Chris @ EZ-SKI Thanks again man!
  15. Ducky

    2016 Daytona Swap Meet Thread

    No, this isnt a thread about @swapmeet , but hopefully he comes in here and adds some entertainment for us. Got something to sell and you are able to bring it to Daytona? Great! Post it here. There are lots of for sale threads that have Daytona delivery available, but this might help...
  16. Ducky

    Hink320 - Chad - Awesome dude!

    If you've dealt with Chad, you know hes a super good dude. If you havent done business with him, I highly recommend it whenever you get the chance. The first time I met Chad was in Daytona last year and I wanted to ride his TriXstar and he didnt even hesitate when I asked....he was glad to let...
  17. Ducky

    New Products Coming Out - Post WF

    So what are all the cool new products coming out that were unveiled at World Finals? Anything killer?
  18. Ducky

    SFF Swap Meet Thread...GTFIH!!!!

    Ok, so you are going to the Southern Fried Freeride....good choice! Oh, you have something you want to sell or trade? Sweet! Post that chit here! Ill start: Hate to do it, but I am putting my Super Chicken up for sale. I am buying my first investment property and am liquidating a few things...
  19. Ducky

    Winter is coming!

    I can feel it in the air and read it in the posts....hold on to summer as long as you can! If you are already freezing, come visit the south! You're welcome to stay with me.
  20. Ducky

    Stereo in a Kawi SuperChicken

    Has anyone ever put a simple stereo in a SuperChicken? Or does anyone have any ideas about doing that? Thinking about pimping out my new SC.
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