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    Kawi Solas 140 mag 12 vane - who's run one?

    Currently setting up a g2 bob for some flatwater and chasing. Stock Kawi 750/800 pump in there now with just a stainless prop. Was heavily considering the 12 vane mag since the pump is already set back.. I can get one for cost through my guy. My question is, is it really worth it? I wanted to...
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    650/X-2 Best carb for 650sx

    I always had great luck with dual sbn38 on dual singles. Super easy to dial in if you add a second pulse nipple to the cases and run each cylinder as an independent unit.
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    beach cart tires

    buy from whoever the cart belongs to
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    beach cart tires

    Do you need *tires* or do you need *wheels* as in rims and tire included? the tires themselves are Nanco and you can get them off eBay for 30-35 each. be careful though, the rims don't interchange. Bigfoot and sail craft use different stuff.
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    Hull inserts, replacing/adding trim tube - best methods & materials?

    Bought a gen 2 bob that currently uses a Kawi powerplant and pump. I'd like to convert everything over to Yamaha. Obviously drilling the appropriate sized holes and the right location for my setup is going to be the most important, but I was wondering what are some good adhesives and/or...
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    Want to Buy SXI Pro or SXR START/STOP SWITCH (Lanyard style only)

    You can disassemble the switch housing with the 4 phillips screws on the underside, and the buttons will twist apart. Careful to keep track of the interior bits and their orientations... The contacts on the buttons get a little crusty and so do the washers. A quick scuff and some dilectric...
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    BoB Gen 2 exhaust options

    Sweet! thanks.
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    BoB Gen 2 exhaust options

    Besides the trusty B pipe... will a Laydown or dry pipe fit? Looking at re-using the old EME superjet exhaust, it uses the factory dry pipe manifold.
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    SOLD 2004 SXR

    I have a friend in sarasota/bradenton with one for sale. 4500 i think is what he was asking
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    WTB: Octane Start Button Bracket

    Easier and probably cheaper to do a yamaha s/s
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    Need 2003 octane ignition coil

    You just need wires, might as well do the boots too.
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    R&D Pipe identification and setup help

    THIS is the "snail pipe". Not only for it's shape but also because it's a slow pipe. The exhaust pictured looks, to me, like a bastardized seadoo pipe. edit: it is a seadoo 720 pipe with a modified stinger and mismatched secondary chamber. I cant remember what the secondary chamber is off of.
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    BOB ski

    Shoot me a text 941-330-6749
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    SOLD Kawasaki SATO Engineering 750 800 complete exhaust and manifold

    Pulled from an x2. 50mm / 2" stinger outlet, made for 750 / 800 kawi engines. Comes as shown - $1k shipped obo
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    Kawasaki 750 parts

    still have carbs and mani?
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