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  1. Ducky

    -4.3 Carbon Fiber Superfreak Badass

    Oh oh tell me!
  2. Ducky

    RRP carbon tube into billet lite - engagement

    @Aquaholic would know this.
  3. Ducky

    What's your view look like today?

    Looks nice! I was just at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville and it had a very similar vibe.
  4. Ducky

    Off to the Circus!

    Do it before he moves to North Carolina!
  5. Ducky

    Off to the Circus!

    He doesnt have much else to do with his time.....other than complain about his redneck neighbors and build jetskis
  6. Ducky

    Off to the Circus!

    nice clown bike, Dad.
  7. Ducky


    Seems like a great deal to me!
  8. Ducky

    Trinity Composites Matrix Pro rebuild

    You missed the deal of the century when I sold mine a few months ago!
  9. Ducky

    Identify hull

    I believe it is called the Nolly or Nelly hull
  10. Ducky

    Spring of 2022 - Whatcha Gonna Do?

    I think I am going to take a mini-retirement from March thru June and do whatever the heck I want! Probably work on remodeling my house, playing some golf, whatever else comes my way.
  11. Ducky

    Any coin collector’s on here?

    I collect silver coins, just got the fact that they are either 90% or 99.9% silver.
  12. Ducky

    WTB backie Chan complete or hull

    Id skip the backie chan and look for a Phantom.
  13. Ducky

    Tigercraft V3 and more

    I was there for a day or two of searching....everything we found ended up being another tree stump lol. Visibility under the water was just about zero.
  14. Ducky

    Tigercraft V3 and more

    Just north of Charlotte, NC
  15. Ducky

    Tigercraft V3 and more

    You didnt have to, we already know!
  16. Ducky

    Tigercraft V3 and more

    Prolly time to change your name to TigerCraft4evr
  17. Ducky

    Standup hull options in 2021

    It would be in essentially the same area. Dont remember all of the changes between the two, but the RIP has an integrated splash lip on the rocker, a normal width ride plate (ROK-R ride plate was full width including chines), and the RIP might have been a little longer on the bottom. I owned a...
  18. Ducky

    Custom/Hybrid Rockered superchicken winter project

    Yea but it was mad fun to ride while it was still together!
  19. Ducky

    Stop Shipping With The Courier Crooks!

    This thread reminds me of a recent trip to Sherwin Williams, where they charged a 4% "supply chain fee" on every item I bought, but they didnt disclose that they did that. I was pretty heated about it, and now I'll just get my paint elsewhere.
  20. Ducky

    Total loss

    Nice parts and good seller!
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