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  1. Joemelia09

    LS 10X trim SOLD

    LS 10X trim (big bore) trim. Used twice end of last year and then built a surf ski so have no use right now. I really want to sale just the trim for SOLD shipped US of you must. I changed out the ear style coupler for the newer straight cut xscream now uses, will include old one. UMI throttle...
  2. Joemelia09

    JD extended intake grate SOLD

    JD extended intake grate. Came off a dvx believe it will fit chans too. 160$ plus ship and fees
  3. Joemelia09

    160 setback pump Sold

    skat-trak 160 one piece setback 14 vein. Front feet have been slotted for easier install. Has skat impeller do not remember pitch, was running in a 1200 dvx. I do have adapter ring, oem 155 pump seal will work. Sold
  4. Joemelia09

    Kawasaki 650sx SOLD

    1990 Kawasaki 650sx 750 motor with wiseco pistons ported and polished with ada head 93 fuel. Ocean pro aluminum bed plate with guki motor mounts. V force 3 reeds, mariner dual intake, dual Novi 48 carbs, prok filters. Factory pipe with Westcoast waterbox. 750 electronics, MSD enhancer, MSD...
  5. Joemelia09

    Cold fusion hood black

    All these are BRAND NEW cold fusion hardware never installed 1 sets cold fusion hull side aftermarket lower hooks retail set 69$ will do each set 60$ shipped US you pay fees 2 sets cold fusion hull side sj hooks retail 69$ will do 60$ per set shipped US you pay shipping Will do package deals...
  6. Joemelia09

    Cold fusion hook oem mounts, jaz fuel cap

    Oem sj motor mounts set(4) holes where drilled out to make alignment easier. 80$ per set shipped US you pay fees Jaz flush fuel cap retail 80$ will do 70$ shipped US you pay fees 1 set cold fusion hull side aftermarket lower hooks retail set 69$ will do each set 60$ shipped US you pay fees 1...
  7. Joemelia09


    XS1200 motor. Even 210 compression on both cylinders. Motor was bored over this summer didn’t get much use due to built new ski. Cranks was rebuilt but adr. Includes: XS1200 motor Intake manifold with vforce reeds (carbs extra) Pickup plate and pickups wired in New style stainless bed plate...
  8. Joemelia09

    XS52 billet carbs SOLD

    XS52 billet carbs with Mikuni high flow fuel pump. These make huge power and look killer. Asking 1050 plus ship and fees
  9. Joemelia09

    Pfp wet pipe SOLD

    This is a pfp that the inner chamber was removed and rewelded to be run wet. Made great power just took off running ski. Will also include gutted water box (not loud with water injected in the pipe and stinger) Asking 400 chamber only shipped and fees
  10. Joemelia09

    XS 158 pump SOLD

    Xscream 158 pump 14 vein pump Two Impellers: 12-18 thin blade long blade cut back 13-19 thin blade long blade cut back 1k originally worth of Impellers from Impros originally Has home made front bracket that “helps support” front top of pump. Ran different motors and hulls and this setup. Doing...
  11. Joemelia09


  12. Joemelia09

    DVX Hull

    Looking for a DVX hull. Thank you Joe
  13. Joemelia09


  14. Joemelia09

    Found delete

    Looking for a dvx hull in any shape or condition. Do not need drivetrain. Thanks
  15. Joemelia09

    158-164 two piece pump

    Looking to buy a two piece set back pump. Want it anywhere from 158-164mm. Can be with or without prop and shaft. Let me know what you got. Might be interested in 155 for right price.
  16. Joemelia09


    This is a pfp Helium triple oring chamber. It was cracked ( center weld broke loose). It has been cleaned, welded, and pressure checked for leaks. It is now a DRY chamber. A extra center bleed fitting was added to clear a hood seal area on a ski. You can use either the top or bottom and simply...
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