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  1. Sanoman

    Yamaha Single Carb Flame Arrestor

    Both but what do you have
  2. Sanoman

    Yamaha Single Carb Flame Arrestor

    Looking for one yamaha oem flame arrestor,clean
  3. Sanoman

    Used Used- YAMAHA Start/Stop Switch & Wiring

    l’ll shoot you a pm
  4. Sanoman


    All the above,plus Sand with some rough sandpaper first.Then start with West systems Gflex.Let dry.Come back with thickened epoxy and glass stands,then cover with a piece of fiberglass of carbon at least 12 oz. Not taking away from any vender,but gflex can be bought right off amazon or any...
  5. Sanoman

    Zeeltronic 62t Brain

    @Jr. can help
  6. Sanoman

    What's your view look like today?

    Wondering if alcohol was involved in this incident
  7. Sanoman

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    Turf done..
  8. Sanoman

    Superfreak badass restoration-"make superfreaks great again"

    l may have a spare long bolt for the pump
  9. Sanoman

    What's your view look like today?

    Wow Boyer!
  10. Sanoman

    First Mods to my 2021 Superjet...What do you think?

    And you may want to rethink using red loctite. lf you ride fresh water,maybe blue.But if you ever ride in salt,don’t use either.Lucas Red n Tacky grease and tighten it down.
  11. Sanoman

    Superfreak Badass

  12. Sanoman

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    Very close right now.Plan is to get it to the lake today or tomorrow.Got a funeral to go to this afternoon,so l have a busy day already
  13. Sanoman

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    Been experimenting with the glue pot.Takes some time to figure out how much glue you want to come out of the nozzle.Too little glue doesn’t work and too much spatters out in snot balls.More about controlling how much air blows out of the gun than how much glue.Awful lot like painting a...
  14. Sanoman

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    That was a good day!
  15. Sanoman

    Sx gas tank

    Try Ty Mcfarland (fly_n_ty) on fb or instagram.lf he doesn’t make one,he may know someone who does
  16. Sanoman

    Anyone have a Dog/Dogs?

    The look l get when l leave for work.She just turned a year old on the 4th
  17. Sanoman

    What's your view look like today?

    Around 7am this morning.Short ride,10 miles on our local gravel trail
  18. Sanoman

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    So a little update
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