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  1. Jacob hates jet skis

    Rickter xfu for sale

    2020 full carbon fiber rickter xfu (xfs clone) built by ski bum Ive owned the ski for 3 years and am sad to be selling it. Ski has been nothing less than great. Rides like a dream, very smooth powerband, super light, strong, and will flip. Ive gone through this entire ski bolt by bolt and did...
  2. Jacob hates jet skis

    Help!! Motor misaligned and SXR1100 wont start

    hello everyone, I have a rickter with a 760 that recently stripped the midshaft & driveshaft splines. after getting the new parts, I threw the motor in and realized that it was super misaligned. (firstly, I know this is wrong, but I only have 3 weeks until I move for college so I just wanted to...
  3. Jacob hates jet skis

    701 Case studs?

    Hello, Im looking for studs for my 701 62t case and could not find another thread talking about them so I figured to throw one on here for others to use too. I bought the case a little while ago and realized all the threads had already been helicoiled and one or two of them were stripped so I...
  4. Jacob hates jet skis

    ISO parts and 550/701 swap questions

    I’m a newbie at building skis and probably wasn’t the best idea to start from scratch but I have a few questions and ISO some parts for my ‘87 JS550 701 swap build The 701 62t/62t I bought is bored 2mm over and I am looking to get a little more power out of it. I have the octagon-looking riva...
  5. Jacob hates jet skis

    2019 superjet having problems

    Had to post here because my buddy doesn’t have an xh20 account. I always rip his 2019 sj whenever my ski is broken so it’s safe to say I’ve put my fair share of hours on the ski. Noticed while riding that whenever I went full throttle it would bog a little and progressively got worse and worse...
  6. Jacob hates jet skis

    760 smoking out of carbs and won’t start

    I was riding my ski at cruising speeds then hit one wave. About 10 seconds after I was back to cruising speed and it started to bog then died. Started back up for about a second then died again. Wouldn’t start back op so I towed it back to shore and when I opened the hood there was a lot of...
  7. Jacob hates jet skis

    760 overheating?

    Ive got a 701 bored to 760 that seems like its getting hot. When I feel the pissers (dual cooling) it seems very hot and I can only keep my hand there for a quick second. Water sizzles on the b pipe but not the head. I can put my hand on the block for 2-3 seconds without taking it off. This is...
  8. Jacob hates jet skis

    Air filters

    I’m looking for aftermarket air filters for a 701. Must be new or like new. Blowsion or something like it. If anyone has a single blue blowsion than that’s fine otherwise 2 of any another color.
  9. Jacob hates jet skis

    Wanted free ride helmet

    I am looking for a safe, durable, and lightweight helmet good enough for flat water backflips. Not looking to spend very much money. 22-23 inch ish size. Anyone got a helmet or knows a good one to buy?
  10. Jacob hates jet skis

    Superjet wont start

    Ive had some serious trouble with my 2004 Superjet. Ive replaced the starter solenoid 6-7 times. Now I’ve tried to put another one in and when I hit the start button all I hear is the infamous single click. When I touch the positive and negative wires together without the solenoid to see if it...
  11. Jacob hates jet skis

    Need electrical box

    I’m looking for a new/slightly used electrical box for a SJ. Thanks!
  12. Jacob hates jet skis

    Modded 701 reliability

    I’ve been thinking about getting a modded superjet (engine mods include factory b pipe, girdled head, and ported cylinders) and was wondering how reliable it would be. I ride jet skis hard and 6/7 days a week in the summer so I really need something that I can ride like how I do lol. Will a...
  13. Jacob hates jet skis

    Can I use this oil?

    I was looking around my garage and I found these 3 bottles of 2 stroke oil. It would be nice to use it on my 2004 superjet but I’m worried if it is not the right oil for it and if it will damage the engine. It does not say tc-w3 on them anywhere. Can I still use this oil?
  14. Jacob hates jet skis

    Starter solenoid keeps burning out

    I have a 2004 SJ and in 1-2 weeks I’ve gone through 3 starter solenoids/starter relays. I am installing them correctly but they keep burning out. I have gotten some water into the electrical box, would that be the cause? Am I doing anything wrong when I install them? Thanks.
  15. Jacob hates jet skis

    HELP QUICK need help with bilge pump wiring

    I’m putting an electrical bilge pump in my superjet and am so confused on how to wire everything correctly so that when I hit the button it will turn on. I have the bilge pump and button which both have + and - wires and I’ve tried almost every sequence and I still can’t figure it out. Please...
  16. Jacob hates jet skis

    Need starter solenoid/relay and battery

    I have a 2004 superjet in need for a starter solenoid/starter relay and a brand new battery. Also, any reviews on a “surf seal” Thanks!
  17. Jacob hates jet skis

    Need help with a ride plate

    I have a 2004 SJ currently with an ocean pro ride plate and a protech intake grate. I ride freestyle/freeride on flat water and need more turning ability. I am thinking of getting a Worx 205 intake grate but I’m not too sure about a ride plate. What’s the best setup to have? Thanks!
  18. Jacob hates jet skis

    Stock bilge pump?? + rentals in Fort Lauderdale

    I’m installing an aftermarket bilge pump on my 2004 superjet. Looking in the engine bay I noticed what I think is to be the stock bilge pump. It would be very easy for me to simply replace it with the aftermarket bilge but I wasn’t too sure that it was the stock one. I did not want to risk...
  19. Jacob hates jet skis

    Where to buy yamalube and 32:1 or 40:1

    I have recently found 4 gallons of yamalube for $112 and was curious if anyone knew any better deals or if I should use a different type of oil. I also have a 2004 SJ with a stock motor and was wondering if I should run 32:1 or 40:1. Thanks for the help!!
  20. Jacob hates jet skis

    DISCONTINUING THE SUPERJET???? Kinda confused and hoping it’s not true
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