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    Kawi Solas 140 mag 12 vane - who's run one?

    Currently setting up a g2 bob for some flatwater and chasing. Stock Kawi 750/800 pump in there now with just a stainless prop. Was heavily considering the 12 vane mag since the pump is already set back.. I can get one for cost through my guy. My question is, is it really worth it? I wanted to...
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    Hull inserts, replacing/adding trim tube - best methods & materials?

    Bought a gen 2 bob that currently uses a Kawi powerplant and pump. I'd like to convert everything over to Yamaha. Obviously drilling the appropriate sized holes and the right location for my setup is going to be the most important, but I was wondering what are some good adhesives and/or...
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    BoB Gen 2 exhaust options

    Besides the trusty B pipe... will a Laydown or dry pipe fit? Looking at re-using the old EME superjet exhaust, it uses the factory dry pipe manifold.
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    SOLD Kawasaki SATO Engineering 750 800 complete exhaust and manifold

    Pulled from an x2. 50mm / 2" stinger outlet, made for 750 / 800 kawi engines. Comes as shown - $1k shipped obo
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    SOLD Kawi SATO 750/800 exhaust $675 shipped

    needs a little cleanup but a good pipe for the money.
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    SOLD SXR 800 / X2 Factory Pipe titanium Motoine chamber $875 shipped obo

    Headpipe has no water screws. Chamber has an odd closed-end nub welded on the end with no water injection fitting, I would assume it has something to do with cooling. Double walled custom titanium. $875 shipped obo
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    SOLD SXR 800 Factory Pipe - titanium chamber - headpipe and chamber only no manifold $900 shipped

    custom titanium chamber, looks to me like a dry chamber since it appears to be double walled but don't quote me on it. No water screws for headpipe, no manifold included. $900 shipped obo
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    SOLD Factory B Pipe SJ Limited w. Gaskets $1100 shipped

    Chamber has some peeling powder coat but everything else is good. Manifold dual cooled. $1100 shipped within the 48. No trades
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    Finance and banking gurus, economic hobbyists, crypto autists... what is the fed doing? *see pic*

    Why does it feel like I'm looking at literal robbery and shadow banking?
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    SOLD Yamaha SJ carbon Factory B pipe chamber $375 shipped

    $375 shipped
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    SOLD Factory Pipe headpipe manifold Carbon Chamber $750 shipped

    This one is pretty rough looking but was pulled from a running ski. Chamber is bigger than a bpipe, probably closer to a b1 limited in girth. Is not the prettiest but seems pretty stout. I was told it may not run great on stock engines and is more tailored towards bigger displacement. Headpipe...
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    SOLD Coffman SJ exhaust and FPP manifold $800 shipped obo

    Comes as shown, price is $800 OBO. Paypal, cashapp, zelle, venmo etc. I can separate the manifold for $320 shipped on its own, pipe $650 shipped
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    SOLD Kawi Factory Pipe 750 Limited $1k shipped

    No lord mount / throttle bracket or J tube included - only the pieces shown. Headpipe, clocked manifold, chamber, bushing $1k shipped
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    SOLD R&D Kawi Afterburner pump stuffer $450 shipped

    great shape, complete as shown. Hard to find and NLA. $450 shipped obo
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    SOLD Kawi 650 Coffman / Sato Engineering exhaust $750 shipped

    2" stinger outlet on the sato chamber. Coffman primary and headpipe price is obo
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    SOLD Kawi 750 SX / i / Pro Sato Engineering SE USA exhaust $675 shipped

    Dirty, priced like it. Snag a 650 stinger and you've got a ripping setup for cheap for a non-750sx hull. $675 shipped - manifold, headpipe, chamber, u pipe and hose routing
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    SOLD Kawi 750 mod Factory pipe and SXR 800 gen 2 x2 MOTOINE

    Kawi 750 mod $1050 shipped Motoine SXR800 / gen2 / trinity exhaust $2000 shipped within the 48 prices Are firm
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    What the f**k has happened to this country?

    seems like nobody wants to work, no sense of urgency for ANYTHING, nobody wants to sell anything they have advertised... seriously what the hell. Has everyone lost whatever portion of their brain that was functional? I call dealers about things on the showroom and I get "uh, I don't know. I can...
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    WTB sxr 1500 - west coast preferred

    Would rather not buy from a dealer if someone's got a lightly used one for sale. Located south of seattle but can make a drive over the weekend or meet up, etc. Cashiers check with your name on it only, not traveling with that much cash because I'm getting tired of pulling my gun out on tweakers.
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    SOLD 62T stock carbs, manifold, reeds, arrestor adapters jetted for b pipe $225 shipped

    Came off a running ski Jetted for b pipe Reeds, manifold, carbs and flame arrestor adapters And hardware as shown - $220 shipped
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