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  1. motobehrens

    who has kewl tow rigs

  2. motobehrens

    who has kewl tow rigs

    Super clean! I had a '93 for the longest time, but sold it after I picked up my '88
  3. motobehrens

    who has kewl tow rigs

  4. motobehrens

    Pump Inlet Mold

    Post a pic of the damage
  5. motobehrens

    Lay up schedule

    I have pics. I wasn't sure about doing a build thread since this site has limited interest in buoy skis. As a whole, the project is about 30% complete with the end goal of ending up with a tunable superjet sized hull with modern handling characteristics specific to my preferences.
  6. motobehrens

    Lay up schedule

    The cheap GP poly resin I use fully cures after 3 days w/ no wax. Though wax could be added to fully cure same day. For hot Arizona summers, the shop I buy from recommends spraying a light top coat of pva instead of mixing in wax on final layer.
  7. motobehrens

    Lay up schedule

    It sounds like you already have experience with fiberglass. I've laid up two superjet style hulls for personal use as rec and buoy ski using GP Polyester resin from a local supplier. My fiberglass skills are mediocre, but the hull has held up great so far. The second hull was as follows...
  8. motobehrens

    Lay up schedule

    What molds? What are your expectations when finished? Rec ski, buoys, freestyle?
  9. motobehrens

    Damn really. another cylinder for angry people to attack people on

    Explain your reasoning behind this statement. I'm looking forward to see how this project turns out. An 84mm cylinder that won't crack and has strong linear power with a good peak would be a great option for a rec and buoy ski.
  10. motobehrens

    Super Jet Iow end Impellor pitch questions

    227 my normal setups are B mod pipe 84mm unported 62T cylinders with either 44s on 62T bottom or WetJet 46 61x bottom, so not too different than yours. I usually ride at 1500ft or 700ft elevation, so I can't speak for the power difference at Sea level. It sounds like you want it to get on...
  11. motobehrens

    Super Jet Iow end Impellor pitch questions

    I have an 8/14, 8/15, and 10/16 144 Hooker. For my Superjet, the 8/15 or 9/15 worked best. The 8/14 ran out too quick. My FX1 w/144 worked best with the 8/14. I don't know anything about surf setups as I only ride lakes.
  12. motobehrens

    SuperJet Nose Channel/Splash Guard

    I'm working on a splash guard that'll also have some anti sub properties, for my rn buoy ski. Superjets aren't really used much outside of kids classes or lites class.
  13. motobehrens

    FX1/144mm Bottom Replacement

    That's some good info. I've been shaping two part foam to try different front sponson shapes on my buoy ski. Divinylcell probably makes it easier to get good symmetry.
  14. motobehrens

    3.0? For spraying gelcoat.

    Post some pics of your project. Sounds interesting.
  15. motobehrens

    2021 Superjet Preorder Status - Share Yours

    It was in their showroom for a while. When did you put your deposit down?
  16. motobehrens

    Brapp's 1987 Toyota 4Runner Build

    Awesome! Thanks for posting. I've wanted a first gen 4Runner for so long I can't remember. I was looking for one last year when I stumbled across an LS1 swapped '88 Xtra cab I now use as my lake truck and daily driver.
  17. motobehrens

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    Post pics of the '87 4runner.
  18. motobehrens

    Broken Collarbone

    At the age of 45 I thought I would try my hand at BMX racing. That didn't last long. last week I went down hard in a corner. I broke the same one 20 years ago. I'm going the nonoperative route, though surgery would have quicker, better results. The several thousand saved by not having...
  19. motobehrens

    Square nose super jet bumper

    I have an excellent condition Square nose bumper. $120 shipped.
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