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    Meanwhile, in Australia.

    This works out to be about US$8300. This is the total price, nothing more to pay.
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    Go Pro Hero 7 alloy mount recommendations.

    Looking for an alloy mount set up for the Hero 7. Am I right in thinking Cold Fusion don't make these for the current series? Any advice on a suitable alternative appreciated.
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    Creating a 'ski-specific tool box. What is the maximum fastener size one is likely to encounter?

    I've been gathering up tools from flea markets/yard sales for several years and want to make a specific tool kit I can use in the field. My aim is to have it as light as possible, but with sufficient variety that I don't get caught 'a tool short' whilst working on a 'ski. I work mostly on Yamaha...
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    Knee braces 2017

    I can feel I'm getting to the end of the line with my right knee. Age, MX crashes, repetitive twisting getting in and out of vehicles, torn ligaments etc. have taken their toll and I'm left with this sloppy, clicking excuse for a joint. I'd like to get through our next Australian summer before...
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    Bought a Pro-Tec head off this member earlier this year. Item exactly as described and shipped promptly for a fair price. No fuss international transaction (USA to Australia).
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    'Ski corrosion/deposits and how to address?

    We'd all be familiar with that white, powdery substance that forms in areas where stainless steel (typically bolts) and aluminium (typically engine and pump components) interface. My question is: what is this stuff (chemically speaking) and what is the best solution to immerse affected...
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    Factory Zero tote tyre size needed.

    Thinking of upgrading from my old AC Racing tote to something from this century (!). Keen to know the tyre size on the Factory Zero to see if it's larger than what I have and thus easier to get around on soft sand. Just need the sizing off of the tyre sidewall, nothing else. Thanks in anticipation.
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    FX 1 Factory Pipe 'B' pipe identification.

    Picked up a SN Superjet about a decade ago from a prominent ex-racer here in OZ. At the time he indicated it was running a Factory Pipe 'B' pipe with an FX 1 chamber. I have no reason to doubt this as the deal had been made and it was merely mentioned in passing. However, I would like to confirm...
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    Intake insert repair on a Gen 1 X2.

    I've searched this thread for info on this issue without luck. Can anybody steer me in the right direction/offer advice? I managed to tear the inserts clean out of the hull into which the the two front locating bolts of the intake grate thread into. I've glassed-in some new inserts but fear the...
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    UMI Superjet steering - where's the small 'O' Ring go?

    I've just rebuilt the steering but don't know where the smallest (dime-sized) 'O' Ring goes (there wasn't one in there when I disassembled it). Can anybody advise? Thanks in anticipation.
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    SN Superjet waterbox questions

    I've just picked up what appears to be a Factory Pipe waterbox for my SN. It has no baffles - is this normal? Will my jetting need changing when I swap it out for the stock 'box? Cheers, X2Kid
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