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  1. motobehrens

    Single Speed Rigid 29er MTB advice?

    I want to buy or build a single speed rigid 29er. Anyone have any advice on bikes or frames? I'd like to start in the low to mid 20s for weight, and be able to upgrade components after that to drop lbs. How much $ should I expect to pay for a 20 lb bike? I'm 5'9", what size frame am I...
  2. motobehrens

    Custom/Hybrid Yamaha's answer to the Sea Doo 3d?

    Stumbled across this today... Blaster 4 or 3D clone?
  3. motobehrens

    Super Jet New 08+ SJ in all white from the factory?

    Found this add while looking for something else. Looks good. The article is from Padang, Indonesia, dated June of 2010. Apparently 2011 SJ is available in white in Indonesia. Found some pics of someone riding...
  4. motobehrens

    Super Jet 2008 and new superjet driveshaft length

    What is the exact length of a 2008 and newer sj driveshaft? thanks,
  5. motobehrens

    Super Jet Speedwerx Dry pipe on 62T 760?

    Looking for any input regarding putting a speedwerx dry pipe on a 62T 760 in an 08 style superjet. The pipe was previously used on a 61x big bore cylinder. I'm assuming just drill out the bolt holes for the larger bolts? Do the exhaust and cooling passages on the manifold and cylinder line up...
  6. motobehrens

    Other Two stroke at 200:1 mix ratio.

    Cool Article I found. I like the part where the EPA is conducting their own study regarding the elimination of particulates. Maybe there is some hope for the two stroke without using complicated DI or EFI.
  7. motobehrens

    Help me find my superjet's 500 missing RPM

    I recently purchased a PET tach, so I could make sure my SJ is tuned properly before dumping more money into the motor. But after several smooth water peak RPM tests, I saw I was only hitting 6450 rpm. That's about 400-500 shy of where I should be. Dave/Impros said I should be about 7000 give...
  8. motobehrens

    How hot should a waterbox get?

    RN SJ with stock waterbox. B pipe w/ flow control valve. Pipe is hot to the touch but doesn't sizzle. I do a 50/50 mix of extended wide open riding with low speed playing around. Seems like mine is hotter than it should be. How hot should a waterbox be; cool, warm, hot to touch, too hot to hold...
  9. motobehrens

    5200 didn't stick to my footholds

    A couple years ago when I installed my footholds, I used 5200. I sanded and wiped with acetone both the footholds and painted surface of my ski. When I removed the footholds to inspect some hull damage, I found that the 5200 didn't stick at all to my holds and had been letting in a little bit of...
  10. motobehrens

    300/440/550 Old School Jet Pilot Sticker

    Old Jet Pilot Sticker I've had for a long time. "Show some Hair".....what does that mean?
  11. motobehrens

    broken pump, and a couple other

    pulled the pump without unbolting it......Is that bad? lol.
  12. motobehrens

    Why is my FX1 so loud?

    I put a mod bpipe on my FX1 recently, and just took it out to the lake last weekend. The rest of the motor is stock. It was way, way louder than my RN with limited pipe. Same cooling line routing. I reconfigured the stinger and bypass lines at the tee for more water to the waterbox, but with no...
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