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    Petition for Boat Racing Long Beach Marine Stadium

    Today is the last day to sign the petition to allow boat racing at the Marine Stadium in Long Beach. Here is the link on the SCSC Racing website:
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    91 superjet 701

    Sent you a PM.
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    Which 550 to buy?

    I'm about 215 now. My Superjet is a '91 hull but with a single carb 701, with Factory pipe and Jet Dynamics waterbox. At full throttle it still scares me. So, yeah, I should probably get something similar as a spare. Since I'm in CA, it really needs to be already registered here. Unlikely...
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    Which 550 to buy?

    Ha ha! Yeah, now I remember reading that same suggestion on here when other folks have asked a similar question about which Kawi to buy. Probably good advice to just keep hunting for another Superjet. Sparkplug, San Jose is still a loooong haul for me, otherwise I would likely take you up on...
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    Which 550 to buy?

    The black one is the '91 with the piston port motor. The white one is the 440 with the reed motor.
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    Which 550 to buy?

    My '91 Superjet is still in the shop and may be for a while, so I'm jonesing for another ski. I'm thinking about getting a 550 as a "spare" ski, since there seem to be a few of them around and they are fairly cheap. I'm in SoCal, btw. I found a beautifully restored ski for $3200, but it's a...
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    2021 Superjet Preorder Status - Share Yours

    I was bored at lunch so went to the Del Amo in Redondo Beach, CA. Pretty sad. Not sure how much inventory they would normally have carried, but the watercraft were given a tiny space in the corner. No stand ups, just a few big ones. After a few minutes wandering and checking out the bikes...
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    Huntington Beach Moto and Freestyle is Back!

    This was fun to spectate. We'll go again this year. May 7th and 8th.
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    HB MotoSurf and Freestyle in May

    It's back on this year:
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    2021 Superjet Preorder Status - Share Yours

    Does anyone know if dealers have these in stock yet, or are they still filling old pre-orders? It's amazing how scarce some things are, even after a year or two of release. Damn COVID. I'm itching to buy a new Superjet, but want to be able to negotiate price at least a little bit, so I'm...
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    Long Beach Sprint Nationals Aug 7-8

    The boat races are back at Marine Stadium in Long Beach! I'll be out there to watch at least Saturday, maybe both days. It's a great venue for spectating.
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    Any pics of the EZ-Ski beach cart clamp in action? I have a Tiger Tote and love the idea of not having to assemble and disassemble it all the time. However, it is a lot longer than the ski, so not sure how it’ll fit on the back of my Jeep. I suppose just the handle portion could be removed...
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    Pismo Spring Freeride 2021

    I guess it wouldn’t really be a free ride, but are there ever any such events at the River? I guess everyone just goes to body beach, but would be cool to have a large group terrorize the less traveled and shallower parts of the river. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    Ha ha. Looks almost the same.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    By the way, here is a picture of what the ski looks like now.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    Yeah, I ran across their website and looked at their decal kit for the original OEM graphics on my ski. Looks ok, just no flair, and since I'm going with AM handlepole and footwells, I feel like I might as well modify the color scheme as well. This IPD kit is closer to what I think I want.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    I am restoring my old square nose. I want to modernize the looks of it, since it is also getting an RRP handlepole. It is currently all white with minimal black decals. I think what I want to do now is all black with an IPD graphics kit in blue and white. However, I'm having a hard time...
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    Beach Cart options

    His last name is Farrell. Facebook URL: They are nice, but pricy. I guess all the carts are pretty pricy. I almost got a Farrell, but ended up with a TigerTote which was less expensive. I ordered mine from a dealer in Havasu, but you can order direct...
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    Southern Cali_Long Beach_Granada Street_Sunday RACE COURSE

    That's a bummer. I've been going to Fiesta since they opened in July. Last couple of weekends it's been a solid group down there. Pretty fun times. Hope they don't get any similar ideas.
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