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  1. AlexC651


    Looking for a thrust trim lever for my EZ pull set up
  2. AlexC651

    How deep do skis sink?

    Finiahing up the glass and prepping for paint while waiting on Ed to finish my carbs for the 927. Gotta put the pump and motor in. Put the pole back on then we should be ready to ride. Damage to the glass was more extensive than it looked that's the reason for the nose job.
  3. AlexC651

    10/16 155 yamaha prop

    Looking for a 10/16 for my oem 155 pump. Prefer used, I'm trying to find something that works for my setup
  4. AlexC651

    Midshaft bearing and seals

    Looking for replacement bearing and seals for my yamaha midshaft housing.
  5. AlexC651

    GP800 SJ motor mounts.

    Any oem for sale lol?
  6. AlexC651

    GP800 SJ motor mounts.

    Thanks for the input. I'll give rhaas a try. Can't beat the warranty for the price
  7. AlexC651

    GP800 SJ motor mounts.

    I've searched and searched. I have a 927 66e. Going into a eme hull. Anyone know of the SJ mounts work or do I need couch mounts?
  8. AlexC651

    155 trim setup

    Looking for a trim setup for a 155 pump. Preferably Xmetal or EZ trim
  9. AlexC651

    SOLD. 48mm full specs

    I have a pair of full spec 48mm. New pumps. $700 plus shipping.
  10. AlexC651

    48mm duals

    Found some. Thanks
  11. AlexC651

    48mm duals

    Or 49 or 50mm duals
  12. AlexC651

    Wtb : FULL SPEC 49 or DASA 48

  13. AlexC651

    ET 50mm billet carbs

    Do you still have the set of 49 FS?
  14. AlexC651

    48mm duals

    Looking to see if anyone has some dual 48mm full spectrums they would be willing to sell. I don't need the manifold or the Reeds.
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