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    Want to Buy Wave Blaster 2 OEM cover

    Looking for a OEM 1996 thru 1997 Wave Blaster 2 cover. OEM only please. Thanks Pat
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    Want to Buy Carbs, Dual 44, or 46 Novi, Full Spec, etc

    Looking for a set of dual 44's or 46's. Ideal would be Novi or Full Spec. I will also look at DASA, RIVA, Black Jack, SBN etc With or with out intake and reeds. These will go on a smaller 62T based motor. Don't need 48's, 49's, 50's or 52's. PM pick on what you got and price shipped to...
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    Want to Buy Pump, Mag, X, Torrent 155,158,160 or 162.

    Looking for a pump. 155,158,160 or 162. No shaft needed. With or with out prop. Let me know what you have. With or with out bearings. Let me know condition and price Thanks Pat
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    Want to Buy Motor, 1100,1200,1400

    Looking for a motor. 1100,1200,1400 cc PV twin. Short or long block. Running or broken. Not afraid of anything just be "upfront" as I will figure it when I tear it down. Send price and specs. Thanks Pat
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    Want to Buy Rickter mx1

    Any MX 1's out there for sale? With or without motor. Let me know. Thanks Pat
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    1105 tpe, 48 full spec, skat 155, B2

    1996 B2 TPE 1105 ( Erik built and installed) 48mm Full spec, PHP Intake with plate Vforce 2 GP760 pipe Skat 155mm pump and liner standard (skat 9/19 I think) Spring steering Stock elec Riva 64x CDI with adjustable curves. Trim Riva Intake and ride plate Pump gas Everything was bought new by me...
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    Other Marantz or Pioneer Dealer

    Anyone here a Marantz or Pioneer dealer? Looking at a few upper end AMPS / Receivers. Please PM. Let me know. Thanks Pat
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    Other race gas wholesale

    anyone on here wholesale leaded race gas? pm me your contact. Thanks Pat
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    Other Fly Wheel Puller $ 12.99

    Been using these for awhile great deal for 12.99 to hav ein your tool box. You might even be able to use the 20% off coupon. Pat
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    Other log on to X errors.

    anyone else getting this???? :1zhelp: Warning: require_once(./includes/vba_cmps_include_error.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [path]/includes/functions.php(3765) : eval()'d code on line 5 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]...
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    Blaster Riva Catalog OLD one

    Does any one have a Older Riva Catalog. 97 thru 2000. I can't find mine and need a copy of the Wave Blaster 2 page with the RIVA PIPE. post, fax email please. Thanks Pat
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    wave blaster in OREGON bought in NJ

    anyone on here buy a blaster in NJ that went to Oregon? got certified letter from the State Marine Board in Oregon asking me to release a title of a boat i sold a few years back to someone on here. Has no name of new owner just double checking in case its been stolen.
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    PWC Sales for 2008

    Attached is break down by manufacture for 2008 PWC Sales. Tried to up load but gave me some BS. WB.
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    66E home made 90 degree carb mounting

    66E boyseen RAD valve to 90 degree. Here is a way I came up for quick fix for making my own 90 degree carb mountings. I used Boyseen Rad valves from 1200R / 1300R carb models. Pictures: 1 shows stock valve. 2 shows stock valve cut flat and two mounting holes. 3 shows WDK adapter. 4...
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    66e, gp800, conversion, wdk jetting

    What is every one runing for jetting on there 800 conversions? Thanks PAT
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    SB Billet / DASA Lamey v.s. WDK 1200 / GP Conversion

    Very NICE. OK so I will ask the question what’s better Brian/Lamey or WDK 1200 setup? Not starting crap here but if you break it down what would give the consumer the best all around package? (HP, Displacement, Cost & reliability) Make corrections if I’m wrong. Brian/Lamey 90mm...
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    How to lighten a 61x or 62T flywheel?

    Does any one have the specs to lighten a stock flywheel 61X or 62T? Pictures or anything? Thanks Pat
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    Lamey Cylinders **NO MORE**

    FYI There will be no more CAST body style Lamey Cylinders available as of today. The new ones will all be machined billet aluminum and more money.:sadwavey: I do not think the new ones will be as good. Extra heat and the wings that feed the fuel to the ports will be straight and not angled...
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    BLASTER Builds " Show your SKi"

    Might as well have a section that has all the cool blaster build and some specs. 1995 5mm Flat Top Lamey Powervalve GP760 Pipe TJ Ported and epoxy'd cases TJ Ported Intake. Pats SEAT BRACKETS ***MAKE sure you have yours**** YES thats is a WB800 in the back!
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    anyone bring kids? or wife?

    Just trying to get and idea who is doing what, i have the option to do both so before i confirm with the boss who is bring kids????
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