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    1st Surf Ride - Surf Slam 2014?

    Hello, So I've been riding my old 1991 SJ for several years and have had the itch to try surf. Surf Slam 2014 sounds like it could be a great time to try it out, but I am a little apprehensive. Could someone give me the run down on the applicable laws I will need to be aware of? I'm from...
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    701SJ - FP Exhasut Question

    HI, So I've had this old beater 1991 SJ for a long time. I've swapped a 61x 701 motor in it. Its been a while, but I have a factory pipe bolted up to it and it runs pretty good. I have a 650 chamber installed right now, but I've been toying with buying a real 701 b pipe to replace the old 650...
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