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  1. mattT44

    Kawasaki 650 crankshaft

    Hi I'm looking for kawasaki sport cruiser crank shaft assembly Thanks
  2. mattT44

    Rickter fs1. Sold

    Rickter fs1 stand up surf ski Located in west Georgia Bullet Pole with blowsion steering Hooker 9/15 prop with duel cooling B pipe limited Ada head setup for pump gas Lighten flywheel Mod cdi Wetjet intake with 49 full spec carb 61x bored 719 . Only two rides on new top end Hull has...
  3. mattT44

    WTB limited slip tank

    Looking for a limited slip tank 4.7 Thanks
  4. mattT44

    Aftermarket fuel tank

    I’m looking for a 4 gallon fuel tank Thanks
  5. mattT44

    Daytona next weekend 4-6

    I'm gonna try and come down and ride at Daytona Next weekend and Saturday go watch the supercross at the speedway. Seeing if anybody's gonna be riding surf
  6. mattT44

    Lumpy !

    Lumpys a great seller and well definitely help somebody out ! Big Thanks !
  7. mattT44

    Jacksonville ride 10/17-18

    The waves look to be up this weekend at hugenot anybody interested ! Any GA riders down
  8. mattT44

    looking for a good hood seal

    im looking for a good hood seal for surf for a SN whats a good brand to use
  9. mattT44

    for sale 07 yz250 need to sell !
  10. mattT44

    sj pro tech pipe?

    I got one of the old black pro tech pipes i heard they have been known to crack cylinders????true
  11. mattT44

    superjet electrical specs

    Lost spark need to get some electrical specs for sj 94. Stator , coil ,cdi exc .. Thanks
  12. mattT44

    pro tech pipe bore out

    anybody bored out a 650 pro tech pipe to fit up 701. well it run good ???
  13. mattT44

    bilge pump

    I plan on running 2 bilge pumps in my sj what would work best 2 360s or 360 and 500 rule?
  14. mattT44

    FX-1 Blowsion 144 kit ?

    Has anybody tried the blowsion 144kit ? Any fiberglass work needed. Is it worth it?
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