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    Custom Sponsons using 3D modeling & 3D printing to make fiberglass molds!

    Check out how Parker made custom Superjet sponsons using 3D printing to make fiberglass molds!
  2. RSKI

    Starting a new RSKI Superjet build

    Hey dudes, starting a new RSKI build. Check it out!
  3. RSKI

    Wide tray DIY - RSKI RIDERS

    RSKI shows you how to build your own wide tray Superjet! Wide Tray DIY - Yamaha Superjet Jetski - RSKI RIDERS
  4. RSKI

    See inside Factory Pipe & why you can’t buy a B-Pipe

    Hi all, join me on a tour of the Factory Pipe facility! Factory Pipe Video Link (YouTube)
  5. RSKI

    Want to Buy WTB SJ fuel tank, 38mm dual carbs, SJ water box & More

    Hi guys Looking for some parts (preferably used) for my SJ build: 1x - OEM RN SJ fuel tank 1x - OEM 38mm dual carbs 1x - OEM RN SJ waterbox 2x - 61x reduction nozzle 2x - OEM RN SJ pole bolt & nut 1x - RN SJ long exhaust hose 1x - ADA head with girdle kit 1x - 08+ RN SJ Driveshaft 2x - TBM...
  6. RSKI

    RSKI Nozzle

    Have you guys seen these yet?
  7. RSKI

    Pacific City Freeride ** Tierra Del Mar, Oregon ** May 23-25, 2020

    Hello! This will be the second annual Pacific City Freeride hosted by RSKI Riders! Tierra Del Mar, Oregon May 23-25th, 2020. There is no official competition, just a friendly freeride with some additional fun stuff like a cherry popper first backflip contest to win prizes from our event...
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    RSKI Steering Pads & other cool new items

    A few months ago @bigstu and I started a little side biz called RSKI. @RSKI_Riders on Instagram. We're trying to bring in some new ideas with the highest quality possible, and we live by a rule "We only sell items we use on our own skis." Below you'll see some pics and our website link. If we...
  9. RSKI

    WTB RN hull or complete ski

    Looking for a RN hull, looking for something nice. If I can't find a hull, I'm interested in complete SJ's anywhere reasonably close to Oregon or Nebraska. Let me know! Thanks
  10. RSKI

    Used Garage cleanout

    Here are a few things I'd like to sell so I can cleanup the garage. They've just been sitting on the shelf. I'm guessing on some of the prices just to get a number on it per site rules. If something is outrageously priced, let's talk about it. I want to sell this stuff. Pics available on...
  11. RSKI

    Other Jetski + snow = Jetsnow!

    Not my video, but too awesome not to share. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  12. RSKI

    Super Jet Oem cooling routing

    So, I'm returning my 01 RN (backup ski) to oem specs other than my solas mag pump. I just got the oem cylinder head installed and oem exhaust. I stole my bpipe for my foot rocket, so putting this ski back to original for my girl to ride. My question is what is the oem cooling line routing? It's...
  13. RSKI

    What carbs to run on my engine?

    I am no expert when it comes to selecting carbs, so I'm looking for some opinions on what I should run. Please consider my points listed below, I will list what's important to me. Engine, hull, electrics, pump, and desired outcome: 771 old school Able billet cylinder, 82mm bore, 4mm stroker...
  14. RSKI

    Custom/Hybrid Green WCF Vision (Carbon hood)

    I'm more of an observer on the X, but since I'll be receiving a new WCF Vision hull next week to replace my '00 RN I decided it's time to join in. I'll start with a few pics that Steve from WCF has sent me during the build process, and try to figure out how to manage my own thread. Bear with me...
  15. RSKI

    Super Jet Front cylinder flooding after carb rebuild

    I just installed a b-pipe ltd chamber, ADA head 35mm domes, and SBT carb rebuild kit on my otherwise stock 2000 RN. Set the carb screws to recommended settings, I also used the new spark plugs as recommended. The jets are 135 main and 75 pilot. The ski runs rough, but won't even come close to...
  16. RSKI

    Super Jet so, my b-pipe is installed but...

    I installed my limited chamber b-pipe in to my RN, and I'm thinking this is a problem. My waterbox is already pushed about 3/4" forward on the left side which is causing the right side to come backward and make it even more difficult to get the fuel tank in and out. Do you guys normally have to...
  17. RSKI

    Super Jet Limited or Mod? Which Factory B-Pipe do you guys recommend for me?

    I have a 2000 RN 701. Looking for some advice on if I should order the Limited or Mod pipe from Factory Pipe. Right now my engine is stock, but I'm afraid I have been infected with the stand up disease. I absolutely love this thing, and I want to make it better. I want to maintain reliability...
  18. RSKI

    Super Jet Thrustmaster ride plate/intake grate?

    So I bought my first SJ and it has what looks to be a one piece shredmaster* intake grate and ride plate. It hangs past the back of the ski by roughly 4 inches! It sure hooks up good, and cavitation is nowhere near a problem. The issue is that I can't get the nose up for jumps and tail stands...
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    Super Jet SJ bog?

    This is only a minor problem, but I just got my first SJ, it's a 2000 and it is in great shape. Only mods are a shred master ride plate and a prop that I'm not sure of the manufacturer. The issue I'm having is the engine bogging down when I mash the throttle. If you just take it easy and...
  20. RSKI

    Other advice on my first ski

    Hi all. First off, I’m new. I’m looking for advice on what to buy. From what I have read so far I think an SJ will fit me best, so I am leaning in that direction. I am 5’7” 140 lbs, and I’d be using the ski for weekend recreational use only. Basically I love the lake, and I love going fast. I...
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