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  1. jo5hi3

    Freestyle Hot Tub!

    I like what I see here... I have a mate in the garage and an 1105 sitting on the shelf.
  2. jo5hi3

    2014 Krash Predator - REVAMP

    This is awesome!
  3. jo5hi3

    What do I need to know about a Lithium Battery?

    Seal the seams and do not store it fully charged.... or maybe I'm doing it all wrong, but I do have an ag small case that's over 4 years old and still kicking...
  4. jo5hi3

    Jetmate 701 swap

    Just hit up your local junk yard and grab some weather stripping off of a newer car... cheap and works great.
  5. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    All sold!!
  6. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Price drop on the total loss. Lets get it sold!!
  7. jo5hi3

    Chev Ford RAM

    GM hasn't made a good transmission since the 70's.
  8. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Still have the total loss!
  9. jo5hi3

    What's your view look like today?

    I have a buddy that built a "super phantom". Clipped, fully symmetrical wings. Artic cat 800cc out front swinging a huge prop.
  10. jo5hi3

    Help recommend me a hull

    The materials used directly affect the strength and weight.......
  11. jo5hi3

    Off idle bog. Case epoxy air leak.

    That will find a pressure leak, not a vacuum leak.
  12. jo5hi3

    Total loss

  13. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Bump it up!
  14. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Carbs are gone!!! Total loss left.
  15. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Power factor is sold! Still have the carbs and total loss.
  16. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Last price drop. Prices are good through the end of this year then they are going back up. Side note. The pfp chamber being a helium chamber does not mean it only fits in helium hulls. This chamber will fit any hull that a normal power factor chamber will fit.
  17. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Throw some offers at me guys!
  18. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Prices lowered! Also found 2 carb kits that I'll toss in with the carbs.
  19. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    Open to offers!
  20. jo5hi3

    Total loss

    If my prices are too high let me know. I'm not sure what the second hand value of this stuff is at the moment. Total loss setup. You will need to move it onto your own board, but it does come with the modified x metal board. Has shifty mod so you don't have to unhook the battery. Flywheel and...
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