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    RRP Stopper pin ???

    Hey guys. Has anyone got a solution for the RRP poles not having a stopper pin on the lowered bracket? I'm so sick of the pole coming down and hitting my head when I've got the hood off and having to use a block of wood, golf club, banana, anything, to hold it up!! Any suggestions greatly...
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    61x V Force 3 reeds. Need stuffer?

    Hi guys. I've got a 2015 SJ with the usual mods. Pipe, light flywheel, msd, light porting, shaved head. It also came with V Force 3 reeds and an angled spacer. I was told to remove the spacer for a touch more bottom end if i was bored. When I removed the reed block I noticed there was no stuffer...
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    Ceramic coated B Pipe. Advantages apart from looks good?

    Hi Guys. Hoping someone with more knowledge than me can help me out. I've got a 2015 SJ ports widened, lightened flywheel, MSD and a B Pipe Limited. Just wondering what small power gains could be expected if i got the pipe ceramic coated. I'm assuming less engine bay temp, quicker chamber heat...
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