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  1. Alexwissler507

    Reaper, MX1, or V2X to replace Gen1 X2

    I really appreciate the buoyancy of the Mx1 in the rear tray area. Feels like a mix between reaper & blaster hull. The reaper sprays me in the face SUPER hard when I ride- especially at high speeds. The Mx1 does not do this at all. The dual hood latches on mx1 definitely give the hood a solid...
  2. Alexwissler507

    SOLD - TC Built Carbon Rickter Edge Dasa 1000 - BRAND NEW

    Bump for a badass local PA ski! GLWS
  3. Alexwissler507

    SXR1500 Project - Fixed Steer

    Super badass! I agree with trying to make everything out of metal. Anything plastic in the steering / mounting would be a major weak point. Good luck!
  4. Alexwissler507

    Torrent 150 trim

    What trim cable are people running with that X metal trim kit?
  5. Alexwissler507

    Used Complete lay down pipe

    Will this chamber work with RRP header or no?
  6. Alexwissler507

    Yamaha pulsing coil gp1200/suv1200

    I still was never able to locate one of these in good condition used or new! Someone help please!
  7. Alexwissler507

    Kawi 1100 jetting help, please

    I completed assembly yesterday - ended up having to use an old yami throttle cable as well to make throttle work proper. (This is on a Kawasaki Zxi 1100) I also had to get pro k filters & adapters as the stock gp1200 air box did not fit inside zxi1100 hull. I did just Tee off the one pulse line...
  8. Alexwissler507

    Kawi 1100 jetting help, please

    So I’m finishing up the carbs tomm - as for the pulse on the 44 triple Mikuni - is it ok to just “T” and split off the single crankcase pulse fitting? I was always under the assumption that this cut down the signal strength vs. having individual pulse lines. thanks
  9. Alexwissler507

    Yamaha pulsing coil gp1200/suv1200

    I am in need of a Yamaha pulsing coil for a 2001 Yamaha suv1200. I will take new or used - lmk what you guys got! Thanks tried ordering new oem was 2-6 months eta…
  10. Alexwissler507

    148mm pump

    Brian told me the same thing the other day. Non set back 148 is like paying the price but not getting the proper performance. I ordered a setback 148 torrent for my reaper.
  11. Alexwissler507

    148 Impeller

    Any idea of pitch on this?
  12. Alexwissler507

    2017 SXR1500 near Orlando, FL $6200

    Good price! GLWS
  13. Alexwissler507

    Sxr collection

    Lol true!
  14. Alexwissler507

    Sxr collection

    Both of these sxrs are basically virgin unmolested 100% fresh water. My 440 has the original motor from 1984 I’m in PA if anyone has any leads on a nice 300 LMK!
  15. Alexwissler507

    Sxr collection

    I figured you guys would enjoy looking at some pics of my sxr800 & sxr1500 sitting next to each other. Each ski is so much fun in its own ways. I own a js440, 550sx, 650sx, 750sx, 800sxr , 1500sxr. I have my Yamaha collection as well but that’s not to be talked about here. only Kawi Standup I’m...
  16. Alexwissler507

    144 Solas Mag Pump rebuild help!

    I am interested to hear other peoples methods for getting them apart when they are stuck? Heat or cold? Or just brute force on the shop press? Would be hard to just heat the stator with torch where bearing seats & not get the bearing hot as well. The only time I cracked a stator was using my...
  17. Alexwissler507

    144 Solas Mag Pump rebuild help!

    I did mine by hand on my 148 solas. I just pull washer / seals and turn pump shaft side down. Piece of wood on ground - one good smack and it popped apart. Bearings all but dropped in place as is. I struggled way more doing my oem 144 pump vs the solas 148.
  18. Alexwissler507

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    Here are pics of my flywheel / keyway / stator - all looked perfect. I will open up my ebox this week and get picture when I download and swap out for waxes V3 curve. It’s the wires that would normally plug into the cluster that I’m referring too.^^ I believe 4 pin - (pink, green, red , black)
  19. Alexwissler507

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    I am almost beginning to think it is something to do with the way my bilge is wired in? The person who built this ski used the red hot wire coming off the stock cdi to power the rotary bilge switch & bilge pump. Even with the ski off I could still use the bilge pump. They blocked & capped off...
  20. Alexwissler507

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    So I verified keyway was still in tact - everything with flywheel looked exactly how I put it. Stator & pickup have no rub marks / broken cables. While I had the motor apart I threw on the stock milled 760 head I have and compression is now 165,165. Pulled carbs again to verify reeds in tact -...
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