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  1. Pro-pulsion

    1997 Wave Venture 760 Part Out

    Follow up pics
  2. Pro-pulsion

    1997 Wave Venture 760 Part Out

    Hey y'all, I was asked to help a fella out with parting out his Wave Venture, the ski was running rather well all things considering, it ended up having bad crank bearings and he doesn't want to go forward with it so he's parting it out. He doesn't have the time to do the engine stuff due to his...
  3. Pro-pulsion

    Spring of 2022 - Whatcha Gonna Do?

    Is this a ski you built?? I love the silence of it, don't get me wrong I love the brappiest of the brappins too but I gotta give credit where credit is due. ...also SexPanther has the best name. I always chuckle when I see the name popup in likes or wherever lol :D
  4. Pro-pulsion

    Spring of 2022 - Whatcha Gonna Do?

    I've done the least it was looking that way for a long time lol. I've finally finished my ski and now it's on the water again with a totally new look :) I'll update with photos when I get a chance to tonight.
  5. Pro-pulsion

    Sport port templates

    Yup, but too wide of a port allows the rings to oblong too much and squeeze into the port too far. That's what happened with mine. I ran the motor for a good while before it happened. It must have been a heat thing expanding the rings a little more than usual, getting more skilled at riding...
  6. Pro-pulsion

    Sport port templates

    The Race Logic templates typically open the width to about 75% of the bore and that's why my rings snagged and tore off the piston crown. If they were a bit more modest and maxed out at about 65-68% there probably wouldn't have been a problem.
  7. Pro-pulsion

    Sport port templates

    Don't use the Race Logic templates. They had issues with the shape and it allowed the rings to slip into the exhaust port and snag...ask me how I know lol :P
  8. Pro-pulsion

    Impeller help

    That should be the new inside running joke. From now on when someone asks about an impeller they'll forever be referred to as a 9/15 sex worker. If people as what the difference is between the 9/15 and 10/16, I'ma gonna say shift change :D
  9. Pro-pulsion

    Need some ideas on a problem with ski shutting off

    I've had the mini-seize incident before from bad crank bearings opening up an air gap in the crank seals at higher RPMs leaning out the suspended fuel charge in the cases. I've also seen a fuel tank try to implode because the one way valve muffed up and wouldn't allow air in. The engine would...
  10. Pro-pulsion

    Ride plate bolt spins

  11. Pro-pulsion

    White Vinegar and Rust - Very Impressive

    Is it expensive? I was in a bit of bind having supposed to be going on the first run of the year today and hoping I can get this job completed sooner than later lol. It's going well, the bendix is all freed up and cleaned as far as I can get it without trying to separate the big machine folded...
  12. Pro-pulsion

    White Vinegar and Rust - Very Impressive

    Here's the flywheel after just a few minutes of the handheld wire brush and some inside polishing with the 1000 grit sand paper, very nice results coming from what it looked like just last night.
  13. Pro-pulsion

    White Vinegar and Rust - Very Impressive

    Well folks, I made the mistake of leaving my engine to sit on a concrete floor for about 2 years while I went through a full hull reinforcement and some of the worst life trials I have ever been through. The ski is now done but on the first start attempt last night all I got was the starter...
  14. Pro-pulsion

    Can I convert the Oil Tank on a Wave Venture to a "Reserve Fuel Tank"

    ^^ this. Never tap into the fuel supply hose for a primer. The primer could fail and pull air leaning your main supply or the T could crack or break doing that. Putting the T in the bottom of a big loop on the return line guarantees there will always be enough fuel for a good 7-8 primes and no...
  15. Pro-pulsion

    See Mister Ho Build Mikuni Pump Diaphragm and Check Valve Disc from Bag of Chips and Package Plastic!

    Mr. Ho is a special, special person whom knows no bounds o_O
  16. Pro-pulsion

    What's your view look like today?

    My half million dollar used price office for a day or two next week :)
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