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  1. gsxral1000

    50mm SE Carbs

    Looking for carbs for my 1200Dasa. before i buy new whats out there? Thanks
  2. gsxral1000

    Krash 50Cal W YAMAHA 760 $7500

    $7500 FOR THE SKI 06/21/22 Great running Krash Ski forsale, Runs Great with the Yamaha 760 with Mod BPipe i put in lol Rode it more in the few months w the 760 then the few years w the KV! located in Northern Ca
  3. gsxral1000

    RRP Rear Tank

    Looking For a RRP Rear Tank They are backordered w RRP Any one have an extra ? Thanks in advance
  4. gsxral1000

    1996 Yamaha WaveBlaster 1

    96 62T Factory BPipe Factory Waterbox R&D rideplate JD intake grate Shaved seat or stock seat. Current reg , title in hand $5000
  5. gsxral1000

    1994 WaveBlaster 1

    Have a WaveBlaster w title and current reg. 61x w Riva Full exh, Riva smooth Rideplate, Riva Intake grate, k&n, new seat cover . Ski runs great. Located in Northern California. $4000obo
  6. gsxral1000

    Used 2021 Superjet

    2021 Superjet w 4 hours w trailer. Full Yamaha warranty . Ski is still mint, not even broken in yet . $15k Located in Northern Cali
  7. gsxral1000

    RRP Pole bracket Rickter

    looking for new or like new RRP Pole bracket for a Rickter
  8. gsxral1000

    Used sold

  9. gsxral1000

    aftermarket waterbox B1

    looking for a aftermarket waterbox for a B1
  10. gsxral1000


    Need two battery treys
  11. gsxral1000

    Engine 62T & Electronics

    Looking for a 62t and electronics, carbs would be nice too. I’m in California
  12. gsxral1000


    Looking for a MSD setup or a ZEEL setup for my Yamaha based Dasa and my 5mil stroker . Whats out there Thanks
  13. gsxral1000

    RRP ChinPad

    wanted to see if there's anyone w a RRP ChinPad forsale before i bought new. thanks
  14. gsxral1000


    Sold I have Two Brand New Factory Pipe setups for sale One is a Limited Setup the other is a Mod setup
  15. gsxral1000

    Rockered B1

    I have a B1 w a fresh CarterB rear rocker and a Fresh White Gel Coat Hulls located in Northern California Can include any parts needed to build at additional cost. Can ship at buyers expense. $1500
  16. gsxral1000

    46mm carbs & dual intake

    looking for a set of clean carbs and dual intake for my yamaha whats out there?
  17. gsxral1000

    Want to Buy working clean electronics for 650sx

    wtb electronics for my 650sx seeing whats out there thanks
  18. gsxral1000

    Engine 918 Dasa

    Dasa 918 PV 5mm stroker 27 hours since build. $3450 Can include for extra cost; electronics with msd enhancer, starter, lightened flywheel, Bendix. Dasa 48's Dasa Intake, Motor Runs Perfect, Hits hard, No issues , No Leaks, All prices in USD and does not include shipping or PP fees. I...
  19. gsxral1000

    Maxx pumps questions

    I was curious about these MAXX pumps. I know Torrent and Skat are probably the best out there, alittle out of budget for me , curious about the Maxx 155 , 12 and 14 vain, buddy needs cash has one of each, what would be the main deference in the two? He just received them a week ago so there...
  20. gsxral1000


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