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  1. smokeysevin

    Water flow though motor

    Finally got my 750 swapped js out today and am concerned that I am not getting enough cooling water flow though the system. I don't know what is normal on these but it didn't seem like enough and I really don't want to mess this up over something stupid. The flow/pressure though the jet pump...
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  3. smokeysevin

    SOLD Scam Post 2

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  4. smokeysevin

    JS550 WAX RACING TOP FUEL internal fuel system

    Bought new and used only to fire up my ski for testing. Fit and finish is excellent and I would have continued using but I screwed up my oe tank trying to shape it and went aftermarket for the replacement. Looking to get $75 for it shipped in the us. Sean
  5. smokeysevin

    Js550 Parts, primer, wax racing 750 stator plug

    Bn44 carb, one plastic fitting cracked, have rebuild kit for it. (Not pictured) $30 Wax racing kawi 750 stator plug (test fit only) $30 Js550 pole bushings (bought duplicate) $20 Primer fitting (used but functional) $5 Prices do not include shipping but will use flat rate or cheaper. Paypal...
  6. smokeysevin

    300/440/550 Secure Fire Extinguisher Cap

    My ski seems to be missing the little nubs in the fire extinguisher compartment so the cap slips off for like, no reason... Anyone have a way to make sure it stays put so the extinguisher doesn't immediately become tribute to the briny deep? I was considering putting a pin or bungie cord...
  7. smokeysevin

    Adjustments needed for premix?

    I got my 750 started the other day and want to make sure I don't blow it up when I take the ski out for the first time. The motor is stock except for a pjs 650 pipe, purple doo waterbox, and rear exhaust. Is there anything special required for running premix through the cdk2 carbs? Do I need...
  8. smokeysevin

    Cooling Line Recommendations

    I am running 3/8" OD SS thru hull lines in my js 750 swap but I need to be able to connect that to the pump/motor, is there a specific hose type y'all recommend for the soft cooling lines? I have used Venair reinforced silicone lines on my truck and runabouts but nothing smaller than 1/2" Found...
  9. smokeysevin

    Positive Tool Experiences

    I spent some time on the 4th rebuilding the carbs on my JS build and wanted to share how something went well for a change. I figure there are probably other must have tools for working on skis that are worth having that I may not have ever seen so I am putting this out in the hope of learning...
  10. smokeysevin

    Big Pin 750 Reseal/Rebuild Questions

    I am getting ready to blow apart my 750 to do seals, rings, and, gaskets. I have done a couple of 4 stroke rebuilds but this is only my second 2 stroke and I want to make sure I do it right the first time. Is there anything in particular that is kind of a gotcha or something to watch out for...
  11. smokeysevin

    Prop Recommendation (JS550 750 swap with 750 Pump)

    I am (hopefully) getting near the end of my JS 750 swap and need to figure out what prop to run. The motor is a stock dual carb big pin 750 with a pjs 650 pipe, purple doo waterbox, rear exhaust, and a bunch of extra hull vents. I am running the Rhaas driveline conversion with a stock 750 pump...
  12. smokeysevin

    JS550 Sponson Question

    On my 750 build I added some aluminum backing plates to let me install/remove sponsons in the stock location. I noticed that Wax makes some that bolt to the rub rails that are similar to the runabout blade style while the stock ones are almost just like lifting/planing surfaces. All that being...
  13. smokeysevin

    300/440/550 JS Conversion Waterbox

    I am hoping to get my ski back together soonish and one of the remaining items I need to purchase is a waterbox for my 750 swap. I am running one of the PJS 650 pipes and converting to rear exhaust. Additionally I may swap to an internal fuel fill so there can be more room up front. What is...
  14. smokeysevin

    Js550 handle pole mods

    Looking at my stock pole, is there any reason I can't drill 2 bigger holes in the internal bulkhead of the pole and fit pole vents like some of the aftermarket poles? Sean
  15. smokeysevin

    Other Rear Exhaust Size and Routing

    Currently preparing to do a rear exhaust conversion on my js550->750 swap and I need to know the proper tube size to run. I am also looking for input on stainless vs aluminum vs fiberglass tube for the tube inside the tray. My primary concern is corrosion so I am leaning towards stainless or...
  16. smokeysevin

    Other Fuel Tank Cleaning (External Discoloration)

    Not sure if this has been covered before, I searched a few combinations of terms but didn't find anything that was specific to this. I am getting ready to start putting my js550 back together. Since I am taking the time to clean everything up, I wanted to see if there was any way to clean the...
  17. smokeysevin

    300/440/550 Rideplate, intake grate, and sponson threaded inserts

    I am finally getting ready to wrap up the work on the bottom deck of my 87 js550 and one of my front intake grate mounts came out. The other intake grate mount is loose and the extended part broke when I tried to remove it, so that one also needs to come out. I also need to replace the sponson...
  18. smokeysevin

    Other How to fill Pinholes?

    I got my bottom deck sanded yesterday, and for the most part it looks good enough for me. There are probably 15 or so pinholes (pin holes) that I need to clean out and fill before slapping some sealer primer on and painting. I don't really want to mix up a full or half batch of resin and waste...
  19. smokeysevin

    Want to Buy Kawasaki 650/750 Coffmans Pipe

    Like the title says, I am looking for a pipe for a 750 swapped js550. Cheap is better but I need something. Sean
  20. smokeysevin

    Ignition System Interchange (CDI compatability)

    I did some digging this morning to figure out which cdi I want to use on my js550 to 750 swap and have a few questions remaining. From the part numbers, the sxr800 and sxi750 share the same cdi and voltage regulator, I am assuming the other 750s have the same ignition curves but different...
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