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  1. Alexwissler507

    Yamaha pulsing coil gp1200/suv1200

    I am in need of a Yamaha pulsing coil for a 2001 Yamaha suv1200. I will take new or used - lmk what you guys got! Thanks tried ordering new oem was 2-6 months eta…
  2. Alexwissler507

    Sxr collection

    I figured you guys would enjoy looking at some pics of my sxr800 & sxr1500 sitting next to each other. Each ski is so much fun in its own ways. I own a js440, 550sx, 650sx, 750sx, 800sxr , 1500sxr. I have my Yamaha collection as well but that’s not to be talked about here. only Kawi Standup I’m...
  3. Alexwissler507

    2014 Bob Gen 2 - SOLD

    Looking to sell: 2014 BOB Gen 2 Fiberglass - Built and never abused / never flipped - maybe 5 tanks of fuel through it total. -Turf still looks brand new. - 62t/61x Jetworks freestyle ported 710cc - ADA Girdled head 33cc. Domes - Wiseco Pistons 81.5mm - OEM crank - dual 38s for fuel...
  4. Alexwissler507

    Krash Reaper driveline

    I am upgrading my reaper to a 148 solas 2 piece mag pump. I was running a 144 stock pump; I have no idea what driveshaft / mid shaft combo I was running. The 148 solas 2 piece mag pump has a WB1 driveshaft installed. My question is what is the correct driveshaft / mid shaft combo for a 2016...
  5. Alexwissler507

    Rickter Mx1 vs. Krash Reaper vs. Waveblaster B1 rockered **FLATWATER** which is best?

    I grew up racing motocross - been riding stand ups for years - looking to get a Mx1 , Reaper, or Waveblaster that has that MX feel to it. Looking at these skis from a FLATWATER aspect and leaving out freestyle I know this thread will stir up the brothas. I want to hear the good the bad and the...
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