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  1. fastgtfairlane

    SOLD 760 electronics with zeel and flywheels

    760 electronics from Fred on the X last year front cover with stator assembly New oem start stop switch 1 season Latest zeel with preset wax curves USB tuning cable Msd wires and boots on stock coil Starter and battery cables 1 season old . New from Fred 2 flywheels both from speedy sprocket...
  2. fastgtfairlane

    SOLD FPP 750 Wet Pipe $400

    Used 750 wet pipe. Screws are stuck, the lord mount bracket and lord mount are missing but the rest is there. Xh20 price is $400 shipped PayPal F&F or Zelle accepted.. foto sample!
  3. fastgtfairlane

    Rockered, -4 96 superjet $2500

    Listing my rockered, shortened 96 superjet hull. --Carter b rocker nose with splashguard added. -blowsion tubbies glassed in - complete engine reinforcement and hood seal area with 3 layers 8oz twill. -Front fuel fill - wide tray with tigercraft adjustable footholds and pancake pete front...
  4. fastgtfairlane

    WTB stock superjet chamber to waterbox exhaust hose

    looking for the stock exhaust hose off a superjet from the outlet of the exhaust pipe to the inlet of the waterbox. curious to see whats out there. thankyou
  5. fastgtfairlane

    WTB 148mm impeller

    just picked up a 148mm kavinci pump and the current impeller will be too much pitch for my engine setup. looking for preferably a skat impeller pitched to 6/11-9/15 in that range. thanks
  6. fastgtfairlane

    dual 44s on 701

    ive got a full 62t engine with dual 38s. a friend has a set of 44s to trade. its a stock 62t/62t engine for now with a c4 chamber bpipe. what carb settings should i start with on the 44s? i believe they are stock 44s off a 760
  7. fastgtfairlane

    Pump shoes

    Got a rn superjet, stock 144 pump for now, riding it the other day and the pump shoe came off . Anyway, looking at upgrading. What are some options? Newish to superjets. I've read about the pro watercraft shoe but havent seen any reviews on it. Anyone? Also aware of aluminum shoes as well.
  8. fastgtfairlane

    24/7 hood

    anyone know of where to find or have a used 24/7 lowered superjet hood for sale. picking up a RN and would love to get a 24/7 hood for it. or who might have the molds to make one
  9. fastgtfairlane

    Captain pegleg

    Quick response, quick shipment, item was packaged well and in great shape when it arrived. Thankyou sir
  10. fastgtfairlane

    intake grate hull insert replacement

    i have a broken bolt stuck in one of the intake grate inserts on my ski. short of cutting the tray open, anyone got any suggestions or ideas on how to replace the insert?
  11. fastgtfairlane

    300/440/550 91 440 transformation

    this is my first ski.. bought it in april 2010 out of charleston SC.. it was a stock 91 440 that had a 550 reed engine swapped in with a short jetsport pipe and rogo head.. over the last 3 years, i have transformed it into what it is today.. im sure many will ask " why do all this to a 550 that...
  12. fastgtfairlane

    Super Jet 2011 superjet, all stock very unstable ride

    I got to ride a stock 2011 superjet yesterday that is stock with the exception of 0 degree bars and a fingerthrottle yesterday and it was the most unstable riding ski ive ever ridden.. from 1/4 throttle on it would basically death wobble like on a skateboard going down hill.. the turn plate was...
  13. fastgtfairlane

    wake jumping

    was crusing around lake wylie the other afternoon and ended up meeting some cool people on a 26ft cruiser, they invited me on their vessel and after some cold tasty consumption, got them to throw me a wake and snap a few pics! good times!!
  14. fastgtfairlane

    Freestyle factory pipe screws frozen

    i have a factory pipe on my 550 that has the water adjustment screws.. pipe has 2 adjustment screws the top turns freely, the middle screw is frozen shut.. i have an oversize screw kit with the drill bit and tap.. what is the best way to try removing the screws?? im gonna try heat and some vice...
  15. fastgtfairlane

    300/440/550 few parts for sale

    I know this is not the for sale section but i figured it would get seen by people who have these skis quicker. anyways, i have a few random 440/550 parts here. westcoast 7 ring pipe.................$120shipped L&S exhaust mani......................$75shipped skattrak 14/17 440...
  16. fastgtfairlane

    300/440/550 pjs viper starter

    i have a 91 440sx with a pjs viper 7000 engine swap and im pretty sure the starter has worn out. ive tried 2 known good batteries and the starter turns the engine over very slowly. i run the battery down trying to start the ski and realized the gas was turned off. when i take both plugs out...
  17. fastgtfairlane

    300/440/550 flywheel cover question

    i recently bought a 1991 js440 with a 550 reed conversion. the 550 had no flywheel cover on it when i bought it. i dont know much about the different parts of these skis yet so bare with me. he said it had a pjs viper case, im assuming that is the block? anyways, i found a flywheel cover online...
  18. fastgtfairlane

    new to site and new to standups

    Whats up everyone. I just bought my first stand up ski. 91 kawasaki 440 with a built 550 reed engine. mods include rogo head, pjs viper case, jetsport exhaust, wiseco pistons, keihin carb not sure what size, 15.5 impeller, scoop grate, and jetsport ride plate. 3 degree bars with quick steer. ski...
  19. fastgtfairlane

    few riding questions

    Hey whats up everyone. I just bought a 91 440sx with built 550 reed engine, 15.5 stainless prop, jetsport skegged rideplate. I have ridden a stand up 4 times but really starting to get the hang of it. I want to be able to really carve the ski in turns and also put my foot out as an outrigger...
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