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  1. Baja 252

    Dasa 1000cc with Dasa Intake, Speed Plate and VF2 Reeds

    ***** SOLD******* For sale is a used Dasa 1000 engine. 10mm stroke X 89.5mm bore, set up to run on 91-93 octane (44cc domes). It came in our TC Freeride Rickter XFS when we bought it new in 2016. It is a great engine, has always been maintained well and runs great. It has plenty of power for...
  2. Baja 252

    Check my thinking on a no cranking problem

    Working on our 1100 SXR. About every third time you hit the start button you just get a click and it getting worse. Checked the easy stuff first, start stop switch with an ohm meter and works perfect. It's clean inside and connector checks out fine. Both the battery, cables and all...
  3. Baja 252

    Freshen up engine before selling or not?

    I'd like to get peoples thoughts on freshening up an engine before listing it for sale. Our Dasa 1000 has served us well and is a great engine, but we are stepping up to a 1200, so we need to sell the 1000. We have Dasa go thru it every 50hrs of use and even though it still has 180/180...
  4. Baja 252

    BR8ES Backorder, What Plug to Run?

    I run them in everything, but with solid tip BR8ES's hard to find are people running 7"s? Any danger with running a tad hotter plug? I tried 9's, but they looked fouled after a few rides.
  5. Baja 252

    Can you identify this SJ part?

    I was cleaning out the extra parts I have and ran across this. I have no idea what it is or where I got it. It's fiberglass and not homemade looking at all. The paint also looks very factory and matches our 08 SJ nose piece paint perfectly. What the heck is it?
  6. Baja 252

    SXR 800 Cases

    Stock SXR 800 cases off a running 2008 SXR. We bought the ski in 2010, then in 2015 we put an 1100 in the SXR. The engine has been on the shelf since then and til this morning it's never been apart. It comes with the large and small case bolts shown in the photo. $200 + shipping from 66210...
  7. Baja 252

    RRP Black Carbon Fiber Chinpad w/ hardware

    Selling a RRP chinpad. It's black carbonfiber and comes with the brackets and bolts to mount it to a RRP pole. I believe it might fit an SJ too, but I never tried it. It's in great shape with only a couple small scuffs or marks on it. Note: The photos look funny because of the reflection of...
  8. Baja 252

    Superjet RN Hood

    It's off an 08 Superjet, all stripped and ready for final sanding and new paint. No cracks or repairs. No hardware, hoses or storage compartment included, what you see is what you get. It's going be expensive to ship, so I'll do $175 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  9. Baja 252

    Chasing a few carb/fuel/oil issues on RN w/38's

    Working on a relatives ported 701 round nose with a B pipe, head, VForce reeds, MSD CDI and stock 38's. He had several issues going on last year, he says it ran good, but it was lean at times and rich at times and plugs fouled a lot. He drained the gas out of the tank last fall and it's been...
  10. Baja 252

    Test to make sure charging system is working

    Like the title says, it there a simple test to see if a running PWC is charging the battery like it should?
  11. Baja 252

    How long to let new turf dry before use?

    The Weldwood can says it takes 7 days to reach full strength. Do I need to wait 7 days before I put a ski with new turf in the water and use it?
  12. Baja 252

    Adding a aftermarket intake w/38mm carbs

    Can you run 38"s with a aftermarket intake? If so, does running a aftermarket intake gain you anything if your running stock 38's. On say a ported 701 with a B-pipe, head, 180psi, VF 2's and a MSD CDI.
  13. Baja 252

    Stock Kawasaki ZXI 1100 Head

    A stock Kawasaki 1100 head off a1996 ZXI. I used the engine in a SXR 1100 conversion, but I used a ADA head, so this one is up for sale. It's off a fresh water ski and is in great shape. Paypay only, $45 + $10 shipping .
  14. Baja 252

    Yamaha 62T 38mm carbs

    **SOLD**For sale a nice set of stock Yamaha 38mm carbs. I've had these for several years as a spare set, but I'm cleaning out the garage. They are fresh water carbs off a Raider I believe, I bought them off a guy in KS parting out his ski. All the screws turn free. I took the covers off for...
  15. Baja 252

    Where to buy Carbon Fiber Square Tubing

    I want to do some reinforcing between the tray and hull on our Rickter. The photos I've seen use 1" to 1.5" square carbon fiber tubes (carbon fiber ski) about 1/8" thick. I can find lots of thin round tubes and a few square tubes, but nothing that is 1/8" to 3/16" thick. Anyone know who sells...
  16. Baja 252

    Pod Flame Arrestors and Water Getting in the Carbs

    We have a couple skis that have pod flame arrestors and they get too much water into the carbs. I need to fix this and find a way to keep water out of the carbs. Before someone asks, Yes hood seals are tight, no hull leaks and we have bilge pumps and big ball valves in the skis. These are...
  17. Baja 252

    Pinch bolts to tighten stock handle pole

    We like a tight handle pole on our SJ, but I'm scared to tighten the stock bolt any more for fear of breaking off the ears of the stock pole bracket. I know they make special pinch bolts, but their kind of expensive. Can I just get rid of the stock bolt & spring and get two short ss bolts and...
  18. Baja 252

    Help, I'm going thru plugs every couple hours

    Typical SJ, 701 with some porting, a B pipe, ADA girdled head, 180psi and stock 38's. Runs great, plugs look spot on, it starts instantly and idles great. But, put a couple hours on the plugs and it looses power. At first is like you have 90%, then 80%, and finally down to about 70%. It...
  19. Baja 252

    Is this retarded or advanced?

    As the title says, it this setting advanced or retarded?
  20. Baja 252

    Help, low compression after new top end

    Dasa 1000, new pistons, rings and bore. Dasa did the work and all went together great, turns over fine and sounds normal turning over. For the heck of it I checked the compression (good gauge) before I put in the water and it's only 150!! It should be 180 - 185. I've never seen this before...
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